Hair Transplant  The Permanent Solution to Recover Lost Hair


Hair Transplant - The Permanent Solution to Recover Lost Hair

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Hair fall problems are becoming more and more common with the increasing pollution, styling products and lack of proper hair care routine. There isn’t a specific age for shedding hair anymore. The young are shedding hair just like the old people causing added anxiety and social complications.

However, living in this modern world can save everybody from any problem that they might be facing. Every day there are newer solutions to recover lost hair and head towards a full crown again. And, when all these solutions fail to provide the expected results, there rests the solution to cure hair fall problems permanently by getting a hair transplant done.

A hair transplant is a permanent hair loss solution that can cure any extent of hair problem by following a surgical method. Read with us to learn some basic facts about hair transplant before you book an appointment with your hair surgeon for this permanent hair regrowth treatment.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent Solution for Baldness?

A hair transplant is a permanent hair solution. The hair follicles grafted in the bald spots will remain there forever. However, just like the normal hair follicles, these grafted ones also have a life span and can die after a point in time. However, once a hair follicle has been located it will naturally and permanently grow hair in the bald patches.

Initially, when you get a transplant done your skin may be sensitive and itchy for some time. The process of recovery might also go on for a span of 6-12 months. You might also lose some hair initially for some time till you recover properly. But once this process gets finished there is no going back to a condition of baldness again.

In some cases, however, there might be a need for multiple hair transplant surgeries to fix the condition totally. The hair surgeon would guide you on how the treatment would look like in your individual case.

Can You Regrow Hair After Hair Loss?

It is possible to regrow hair after hair loss using multiple methods. There are certain natural remedies that can be used if the hair loss condition has just begun. These treatments include using essential oils, onion juice, amla juice, aloe vera gel, green tea among many other things.

Additionally, following a proper hair care routine of massaging your hair and using fewer styling products can also help the situation. By following certain basic measures such as not combing wet hair, using a hairdryer fewer times, not using extremely cold or warm water to wash the hair can all be helpful.

In case, all these solutions fail to help in regrowing hair, the next solution is to visit a hair specialist who can help you identify the true cause of your hair fall problem followed by guiding you on the right medical course to follow which may include consuming drugs, using hair fall control shampoo and oil, etc.

After following all these procedures, if your hair does not regrow that means that the hair follicles on your head have died. In such a case you might have to depend on a hair transplant surgery as a cure. This is a permanent hair loss treatment that can treat all conditions and eradicate hair loss problems completely.

Does Hair Transplant Last Forever?

Hair transplants last forever since a new hair follicle is grafted on your head that will grow hair naturally for the rest of your life. The hair follicle might become dead as you age but it is sure to produce some hair growth throughout.

In certain cases, there is a need for multiple hair transplants that take place in some intervals however these cases are rare. And even if there is a need for multiple hair transplants, it takes place at once and gives you a permanent solution for hair fall. This is the reason why hair transplants are considered one of the best hair treatments that provide guaranteed results.

What Is a Good Age To Get a Hair Transplant?

There is no ideal age to get a hair transplant done. However, the hair specialists recommend that it should be done around 40 or after that as this is the time when baldness sets in and needs to be treated.

There are multiple other treatments that you can sign up for if you wish to avoid hair transplant such as using natural remedies or following other medical treatments. It is also recommended that you take medical advice at an initial stage to stop the condition from getting too worse to reach the point of getting a hair transplant done.

A hair transplant can happen at every age. However, it is recommended to fix the hair fall problems before 40 by using other means of treatment and get a transplant done only when it becomes extremely necessary.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Hair Transplant?

It takes about 6-12 months to completely recover from a hair transplant. Initially, you might experience itchiness or feel uncomfortable. Additionally, you will also experience hair fall in the beginning after getting a hair transplant done but it will get fine in time.

The time taken to recover from a hair transplant treatment might vary from individual to individual since the treatments act differently for everybody. It is therefore recommended to be in regular touch with the hair surgeon and follow all the precautions that have been recommended by him.

The better care you will take post your surgery, the better and faster results it will yield. You must remember that since it is a permanent thing, you must be very cautious and follow the prescribed course without failure.

Do and Don’ts After Hair Transplant?

Do and Don’ts After Hair Transplant?

It is integral to be very careful after you get a hair transplant done. The first step is to follow what your hair surgeon says instead of seeking advice from other people. Hair transplant treatment works differently for different people and therefore an individual treatment should be undergone. There are certain basic instructions that all the hair surgeons would provide you with before getting the treatment done.

Here are certain things you should do after a hair transplant treatment

  1. Have someone ready to drive your home because you might be under the influence of strong sedatives making it unsafe for you to drive.
  2. Sleep with the head elevated, especially for the first seven days as you might experience swelling on the head.
  3. Seek consultation from your hair surgeon on which medication to take post your hair transplant treatment.
  4. Apply eyes on the portion above the eyebrows if you have swelling which generally occurs 3-4 days post the treatment.
  5. Be very gentle while washing your hair for at least a week after the treatment to make sure that your grafts remain intact.
  6. Remember to hydrate yourself well before and post the hair transplant surgery.
  7. Expect hair fall to take place even after the hair transplant treatment for certain days at least as a part of the process.

Here are certain things you should completely avoid after your treatment:

  1. Do not sleep on your stomach or side for some days. Your newly constructed hairline should not be rubbed against the pillow in any case.
  2. Do not apply ice directly on the area where the grafts have been implanted. Nothing should come in direct contact with them.
  3. You must not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after the transplant surgery and be careful with washing even after that.
  4. Do not scratch your head in any case. It is normal to experience itchiness but you must not scratch the head.
  5. Avoid touching your head. It is normal to feel excited and feel the grafts but you must avoid touching the grafts since they are not fixed permanently for some time.
  6. Do not wear caps for 3-4 days after the treatment since nothing should come in direct contact with the grafts. After certain days, you can start by wearing loose caps.
  7. You must completely avoid engaging in any physical activities that cause excessive sweating for some days.
  8. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking for some days after your treatment since they may cause a negative impact.

If you take all these basic precautions, you can be assured of having a good result of the hair transplant treatment and get a permanent solution for baldness.



The simple answer to how to recover lost hair is getting a hair transplant done by a certified hair surgeon. Hair transplant is a permanent solution to all your hair fall problems that keep you embedded in anxieties and heighten social tension.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we provide extraordinary hair transplant treatments to help you overcome all your hair fall problems. Our certified and experienced hair surgeons do not only perform the surgery but also guide you in following the pre and post-surgery treatment individually.

Along with hair surgeons, we also house experienced hair specialists who can pose solutions to your question of how can I recover my hair loss with their multiple effective treatments. We have a solution for all kinds of hair problems that have guaranteed results. With the belief of making our clients happy and satisfied, we offer excellent high-quality services.

Book your appointment with our hair specialists today and find the perfect solution to all your hair fall problems immediately.

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