A complete hair replacement and restoration solution

AHS Complete is the ultimate hair loss solution for people with advanced hair loss conditions. It gives them a full head of hair with desired density and volume, while restoring their naturally-growing hairline.

With over 45 years of excellence, innovation and research, and 1 million satisfied customers including Hollywood celebrities and renowned sports stars, AHS offers you the world’s most-advanced hair loss solution technologies.

Whatever the condition or stage of your hair loss, and regardless of whether the cause is medical or genetic, AHS Complete is committed to giving Hair for Life. Performed by the world’s top practitioners in the hair restoration and hair replacement industry, “AHS Complete” restores one’s appearance while respecting their age, face, personality, profession and expectations.

This ground-breaking concept utilises the world’s latest trends and styles to give better hair than you were born with.

Amazing things about Complete:

  • Unique procedure which fulfils multiple hair restoration objectives.
  • Customised for every individual while bearing in mind the age, face, personality, profession and expectations of the person.
  • Caters to individuals with any type or stage of hair loss.
  • Exclusively performed at Advanced Hair Studio.
  • Comes with 100% guarantee from the leading international hair replacement company.

Discover more about the smartest and most powerful revolutionary hair loss solution – a procedure which is recognised worldwide. Ground-breaking technology for ground-breaking results!

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