A Complete Hair Restoration & Replacement Solution

AHS Complete is the hair replacement and hair restoration solution that is designed specifically for our clients with unique and individual needs. Our solution restores the natural growing hairline and gives a full head of hair with extra volume and solidity like never before.

How does Replacement of Hair take place?

The enzymes in men and women known as 5-alpha-reductase are genetically prone to hair loss, which turn testosterone into another hormone derivative which is also referred to as the bad hormone. When this bad hormone is produced, it attaches itself to the hair follicles and starts shrinking the hair growth continuously. The hair gradually becomes thinner because of it, and finally, the follicles become dysfunctional, and the hair no longer grows. AHS Complete focuses on solving the issues created due to the above concerns in a manner to get you results of a full head of hair in every square inch of your scalp. This is how the restoration of hair and hair replacement takes place.

What is the procedure for Hair Restoration?

AHS Complete has helped thousands of people for hair restoration in Dubai and throughout the world with non-surgical hair restoration and replacement treatment process over the years. Our hair restoration procedures are performed by highly experienced expert professionals who closely examine the spiraling crown of the affected area and then they create a virtually undetectable matrix of transparent and criss-crossed fibers that are well shaped to fit the balding areas seamlessly, in the same natural way that it grows. This customized matrix is then incorporated into your hair for a seamless look. Restoring hair is done smoothly and effectively by this process.

Amazing things about Complete

  • We offer proven hair restoration solution.
  • AHS Complete is the latest cutting-edge hair restoration and replacement technology along with world’s best craftsmanship.
  • We are known as a renowned hair restoration service provider in Dubai with over 45+ years of experience, research and innovation.
  • You will feel and look great by undergoing our services.
  • AHS Complete is a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures for restoration of hair.
  • One million satisfied customers including well-known Sports stars and Hollywood celebrities.

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