Advanced Laser Hair Treatment for Regrowth

Want the complete hair loss treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home? Advanced Hair Studio brings the world’s most sophisticated laser technology to your home.

Excessive hair loss is a cause of concern and anxiety for both men and women. Usual methods of hair restoration are either too time-consuming or painful that produces a temporary outcome. Advanced Laser Therapy is for hair retention which means a fast, reliable and permanent solution for your maintaining your hair and supporting the cycle of hair regrowth.

Advanced Laser Therapy is the most appropriate hair retention and hair regrowth treatment in Dubai that will help you get rid of your hair problems, once and for all. It is a painless procedure, performed with the highest quality through the latest technology.

Hair Regrowth Treatment at the ease of your Home

Now, you don’t have to spend your time running after hair clinics for your hair treatment. Our hair regrowth treatment includes only 20-minute sessions per week in the comfort of your home. We care about your convenience, comfort, and ease and that’s why we prefer your home as the best place for treating your hair problems.

hair retention and hair regrowth

Advanced Hair Studio introduces AHS Home Program - the world’s most powerful laser technology and treatment program for safe, effective hair retention and hair regrowth in the privacy of your home.

This hair fall treatment is the world’s first hair and scalp home treatment program and a major step forward in hair regrowth and hair retention. You’ll love the ease, convenience and the amazing results it offers.

Advanced Laser Therapy is one of the most commonly done hair treatments in Dubai which is a completely safe and renowned hair retention method. The treatment is performed under the scrupulous supervision of our experts who are proficient and equally considerate.

Only 20 –min session/week in your home! Yes, that’s all it takes to have a head full of hair back.

The AHS Home Program combines the FDA cleared Advanced Laser Helmet with convenience, lightweight, cool, comfort and ease of use. This is a result of decades of experience, research, and artistry which resulted in the development of this state-of-the-art hair loss and hair regrowth solution that helps our clients in not only restoring hair but also regaining their confidence and self-esteem. Our approach to hair fall treatments and laser hair regrowth treatments is uniquely customized and involves the highest international standards, making AHS Home Program the best hair retention and hair regrowth treatment for people across the world.

It’s a complete and proven program that delivers. Period.


At Advanced Hair Studio, we make sure that all services and treatments are provided under the supervision of highly experienced and skilled hair experts and hair professionals. Advanced Hair Studio uses the best and latest techniques and technologies for various hair treatments. Kindly screen through the procedures section to know more about each of them.

AHS Home Program - next generation hair retention and hair regrowth treatment

  • Scientifically designed, the AHS Home Program is clinically proven for safe and effective treatment.
  • Combines the FDA cleared Advanced Laser Helmet with convenience, lightweight, cool, comfort, and ease of use.
  • The Advanced Laser Helmet is biomedically designed to treat hair loss.
  • The helmet’s design and laser deliver therapeutic power for maximum scalp coverage.

Discover the world’s most advanced and incredibly powerful hair fall treatment; you’ll understand why so many people love Advanced Hair Studio.

Our experts have been undertaking hair restoration procedures for years now and they understand that men and women are different. Thus, we at Advanced Hair Studio treat every hair loss problem with a unique approach and then recommend a scientifically designed hair restoration procedure to regrow the lost hair for our clients.

Our hair experts and hair professionals work effortlessly to identify the cause of hair fall, design customized hair retention or hair restoration solution, and prescribe the hair regrowth treatment that will suit your hair type and yield satisfactory results. Our hair regrowth clinic is well equipped with next-generation facilities to support all your needs.

Advanced Hair Studio is considered to be the top hair regrowth clinic for all men and women who are looking for reliable hair loss solutions for their hair problems. We believe in offering aesthetically aligned treatments that produce Sureshot results for our clients. We make sure that not only do our clients have the option to a wide range of non-invasive hair care services but also other possible solutions getting rendered to each and every client under one single roof. If you are looking for the best hair treatment for your hair problem, then book your appointment with Advanced Hair Studio today. Our hair loss experts first analyze the unique condition of a client and then suggest a suitable hair treatment or a hair solution.

Kristy - AHS Hair Regrowth Home Program
Mark - AHS Hair Regrowth Home Program
AHS Hair Regrowth Home Program - Helmet
AHS Hair Regrowth Home Program - Helmet
AHS Hair Regrowth Home Program - Helmet

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