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47+ Years of Experience, Innovation & Research in Hair Replacement and hair Regrowth

Close to 1 million people around the world have benefited from the advice and procedures of Advanced Hair Studio. Our unique combination of breakthrough technology and outstanding customer service has seen us grow into one of the world's largest hair restoration companies, with presence across the world.

Do not go an extra mile.  Grow your hair anytime, anywhere.

Introducing the most powerful laser technology and treatment program for safe and effective hair retention and hair regrowth in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

ADVANCED HAIR CHECK. Early detection can prevent and arrest hair loss

2 out of 3 men in the region are suffering from hair loss, including nearly every other man under 30. If you are worried about hair loss, the first thing to do is visit Advanced Hair for a comprehensive consultation.

Procedures for women

Advanced Hair Studio has taken the best technologies & revolutionary ideas and evolved it to today’s needs of the women suffering from hair problem.

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It is an age old fact, hair is like wealth, which is very common. Envied and desired by those who don’t have it. Some flaunt it while others can’t, as they don’t have enough. When one loses all his wealth it becomes difficult to grow it back, it requires one to invest a lot of time and be patient, to figure out the reasons for hair loss and to work on its solutions. Although common, hair loss is a tough thing to live with. What’s more disheartening, is the fact it alters one’s appearance, which drastically affects self-esteem and confidence.