Advanced Hair Studio’s Fitness Program

Do you want to maintain good quality healthy hair? Are you experiencing initial signs of hair loss like hair thinning?

Advanced Hair Studio understands the complex realities of people suffering from hair loss. It is a common fact, that the condition of hair loss is not immediate but a continuous process of gradual thinning caused by a host of factors. Understanding this, the hair experts introduced the Advanced Hair and Scalp Fitness Programme – the world’s first programme for introductory signs of hair loss in the form of hair thinning, and for those who simply want to maintain good quality hair.

Advanced Hair Studio’s revolutionary Hair and Scalp Fitness program combines the powerful and FDA approved Laser Therapy which features the most powerful and latest laser beam technology, along with a set of products and medications for thicker, healthier and denser hair.

Scientifically designed Advanced Hair and Scalp Fitness Program – AHS-FP includes:

FDA approved Laser Hair Therapy

It is the first step in promoting healthy hair growth. Laser therapy is used to make your hair thicker, fuller and healthier. The Laser Therapy sessions can be taken at Advanced Hair Studio or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

AHS-FP Range

Advanced Hair Studio’s Hair and Scalp Fitness range contains unique formulations which promote the growth of stronger, healthier hair and help prevent hair loss. These thicken and provide greater flexibility to the hair shaft and are designed to stop further hair loss.

Curated through the new age technology, Advanced Hair Studio’s Fitness Program comprises of latest laser beam technology and a haircare product range to ensure the growth of healthier hair.

Promote and safeguard the health of your scalp with the scientifically developed AHS-FP and get amazing results. Restore your confidence today!

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