Why is Hair Density So Important in Hair Transplant?


Why is Hair Density So Important in Hair Transplant?

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Anyone who is suffering from baldness seeks various solutions to overcome it; some opt for cosmetic hair replacement or procedure, yet others go for a solution with procedures like hair transplant.

Those undergoing hair transplant need to understand that if they need to get a cure to hair loss, they should figure out the most important factor which is- hair density.

What Does Hair Density Mean?

Hair density refers to the amount of hair follicles per square centimeter of the scalp giving an idea of how densely packed they are.

Hair density varies from person to person, country to country, region to region and of course, from one race to another. It has been researched that people belonging to the African race have the lowest hair density whereas the natives of Caucasus are blessed with the highest hair density.

Find Out Why Hair Density is So Important in Hair Transplant:

When opting for hair transplant two things should be of prior importance to you as a recipient.

#1. First and most essential is to select a renowned and reputed clinic so that the surgeon is specialized in this skillful art. The success of a hair transplant majorly depends on how well all minute points have been taken care of!

#2. Secondly and equally important, is the hair density. Let us analyze why hair density is such a major influencing factor in hair transplant.

  • It is essential that the surgeon keeps the hair follicles together so that your natural pattern is retained.
  • The direction of the transplanted follicle should match your combing pattern.
  • Even the angle and pattern of follicle placement is of utmost importance.
  • If you are young then your pattern baldness should be kept in mind and more density should be provided in those areas where the strands are likely to fall later.

Adverse Effects of Not Taking Care of Hair Density at the Time of Transplant:

If the hair density is ignored then you will not be able to achieve the desired result of having thick, natural hair. If you are young and pattern baldness has not completely taken it course then, later on, it will happen. If your surgeon does not pack enough follicles in those prone areas, then gradually after few years you may face hair thinning problems once again.

A good hair transplant surgeon is capable of molding the transplant procedure in such a way that it increases the chance of survival rate of the follicles and gives head full of hair for life.

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