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Determining your future steps in hair restoration is akin to charting a journey: it begins with understanding where you currently are. At Advanced Hair Studio, we believe that comprehending your existing hair condition is the cornerstone of a successful hair loss treatment strategy. Our comprehensive hair loss assessment, the Advanced Hair Check®, embodies this principle.

This scientifically-driven, cutting-edge assessment provides an in-depth understanding of your hair loss causes, hair fall, and general scalp health. Armed with a comprehensive questionnaire and the aid of the Trichoscope - a state-of-the-art microscopic camera - our specially trained Trichology professionals will delve deep into the nuances of your hair strands and scalp through an advanced hair check procedure.

Although over 40% of men begin to lose their hair in their early 20’s, it does not mean thinning hair or baldness is inevitable. Advanced Hair Check removes all perplexities and shows the true condition of your hair and scalp.

This in-depth examination allows us to accurately assess your current hair loss condition and pinpoint the stage of your hair loss. It also serves as a valuable benchmark, providing critical data for our team of accomplished hair transplant surgeons, dermatologists, and hair experts who will be your partners on this transformative journey of hair loss treatment in Dubai.

Why is Early Detection Crucial?

It’s a staggering reality: 80% of individuals confront hair loss at various life stages. And while there’s no shortage of hair restoration solutions in today’s world, early detection and the right diagnosis are vital to ensure the correct course of action is taken.

Proactively understanding your hair’s health can dramatically tilt the odds in your favor. Whether you’re:

  • Actively seeking treatment to stop hair loss.
  • Contemplating a hair transplant in Dubai with a world-renowned surgeon.
  • Desiring a comprehensive consultation with one of Dubai’s eminent hair loss experts.

We’re here for you. Advanced Hair Studio is not just a clinic; it’s a promise of dedication, expertise, and results.

If you are looking to reverse your hair loss related problems into a successful hair regrowth story of even if you want to just maintain the healthy hair, then fill out the application form or contact Advanced Hair Studio to book your consultation with one of our skillful Hair Consultants for your Hair Fall Treatments and Hair Loss Treatments.


Hair Fall Treatments

Our Promise & Your Journey

UAE statistics show that hair loss affects over 50% of men and women below the age of thirty. But this doesn’t decree that hair fall, thinning hair, or baldness is inevitable. With our Advanced Hair Check®, we cut through the uncertainty, giving you a transparent picture of your hair and scalp’s true condition.

Our adept Hair Loss Consultants go beyond just assessments and hair loss checks. Drawing from their vast experience and expertise, they craft recommendations tailored to you - considering your unique objectives and comfort zone through a hair-thinning test.

Are you poised to transform your hair loss challenges into a triumphant hair restoration story? Or perhaps you seek to maintain your lush locks? Whatever your goals, remember: Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Connect with Advanced Hair Studio for an advanced hair check. Begin your journey by filling out our online hair loss diagnosis form or calling us to book a consultation with our expert team of hair loss professionals.

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