10 Signs That Tell, You Are Ready for a Hair Transplant- UAE


10 Signs That Tell, You Are Ready for a Hair Transplant- UAE

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Hair loss is a common condition experienced by men and women alike. Shedding of hair to some extent is normal, but it becomes an alarming situation if there is excessive hair loss. One of the ways people choose to combat hair loss is hair transplantation. It is a kind of surgery that moves healthy follicles that you have and implant them to fill the problem area having thin hair or no hair to achieve normal, healthy-looking hair. But when is the best time to start thinking about this procedure? Here are 10 signs that suggest it may be time to consider a hair transplant.

1. You’re of the right age

One can experience hair loss at any age after puberty, but it is usually recommended by the hair loss experts to wait for the right age before undergoing surgery. However, hair loss surgery can bring desirable changes if you are suffering from immense hair loss and are in your late 20s and early 30s.

2. You’ve been balding for more than 5 years

Since hair loss is a gradual process, so it is recommended to wait for a period of 5 years to understand the pattern of hair loss before going into surgical hair restoration treatments. Prior to it you can look at procedures such as Advanced Laser Therapy or AHS Complete as well.

3. You’ve enough donor hair

To achieve the natural look, you need to have a good amount of hair left to work with at both the back and sides of your head.

4. You’ve No Health Issues

You need to inform your doctor with your complete medical history as certain medical conditions might affect the healing process. The consumption of any sort of drugs might result in hair loss as its possible side-effects. So to get the best results of the surgery you need to discuss this with your hair loss expert or surgeon.

5. You’re Tired of Hiding Baldness

If you are hiding your baldness with hats, scarves, or wigs, then it is the time to go for a surgery so that you no longer feel hiding behind these accessories rather be yourself again.

6. Your Confidence Has Been Affected

Hair loss can result in embarrassment; especially in case of men, who always like to present themselves confidently. This is the time you should consider hair restoration surgery to regain your confidence and to be yourself.

7. You’re Ready To Keep Patience

It can take months or even up to a year to settle and grow the transplanted hair. So one has to keep patience to get the natural healthy hair you had before.

8. Hair Loss Is Negatively Impacting Your Career

If you belong to an industry where hair loss is adversely affecting your career, a hair transplant can be the best solution.

9. You Constantly Think About Your Hair

It might be time to getting a hair transplant if you keep on thinking about your receding hairline all the time.

10. You’ve Done The Research

Before going to a hair transplant, you must spend time on your research work about the questions to be asked from your hair specialist. It is always better to be an informed candidate.

If you found that most of these signs apply to you, then you must contact Advanced Hair Studio to learn more about hair restoration ssurgery in Dubai. Though hair transplant cost depends on various factors, it is highly cost-effective in Dubai as compared to the other countries.

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