Build a Checklist for Your Hair Transplant Surgery – UAE


Build a Checklist for Your Hair Transplant Surgery – UAE

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Struggling with thinning or receding hair, you might have tried all possible things to get that natural healthy hair. But nothing seems to work on your efforts for hair restoration.

However, if your hair loss is severe and doesn’t respond to any of the treatments you have tried, you might decide that a hair transplant is what you need.

A hair transplant is an amazing procedure that makes a huge difference in your personality. Fed up from your receding hair or even baldness, you try to avoid social gatherings, you lose your confidence. Hair transplant can be one of possible answers that can help you in boosting your confidence and be an active participant in your social circle as you get those beautiful natural-looking locks back.

Getting a hair transplant done is a major decision, so one has to take certain steps or precautions that your hair surgeon might ask you to take before undergoing treatment.

No hair-cut

Going for a hair-cut just before the surgery is a big no. Your surgeon needs a good amount of hair on the donor area to make it easier to transplant. Moreover, it will cover your head so that nothing is not visible after this aesthetic surgery procedure.

Say No to Smoking

Saying no to cigarettes can be tough but it's worth the effort for your health, your pocket, the planet and everyone around you. You should stop smoking 24 hours before your aesthetic surgery procedure. This is because smoking can have an adverse effect on the healing of the area, and also slow down your recovery speed.

Say No to Alcohol

Intake of alcohol is injurious even to a healthy person so you can very well imagine how much harmful it will be for a person who is planning for this aesthetic surgery procedure. Ideally, you should stop drinking alcohol a week before but minimum time to stop consuming it is three days.

Just like smoking, it affects the healing process and proves fatal to your health.

Stop Taking any Medication

If you are taking any medication that might influence your procedure, so it shouldn’t be taken as per your surgeon’s advice. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication, antidepressants, beta-blockers, and blood-thinning medicines should be stopped two weeks before the medical treatment. Your surgeon will provide you the list beforehand which drug to avoid before undergoing the procedure.

No Vitamin supplements

Multivitamins and supplements fall under the same category of other types of medications. You should stop having such supplements 2 weeks before your surgery for the simple reason that they might affect the healing procedure.


It is better to massage your head a month or two weeks for at least 10 minutes or even 30 minutes if possible every day. Regular massaging of your scalp let your skin to soften up and the blood flow improves. It is quite beneficial if you are planning to get a hair transplant done.

The Permanent Solution to Recover Lost Hair

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