Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Hair


Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Hair!

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If you think protecting your hair means opting for restorative processes only after your hair has taken damage from the environment, styling and substandard products, you are wrong. Protecting your hair involves maintenance before or after damage to your hair. Hair and scalp maintenance is to your hair as physical exercise is to your body and healthy diet is to metabolism. The world is more polluted than ever before and the human body processes are only getting weaker. Thinning hair is getting increasingly common these days and even children are getting infections of the scalp. Here is why you should protect your hair -

1. For a clean and problem-free scalp:

Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Hair

Keeping dirt and excess oil away from the scalp via shampooing is half the job done. Product buildup and blockage on the scalp can give way to major problems such as pimples on the scalp or irritation. We will always recommend a scalp detox session every now and then to clear away these impurities. The best hair fall clinic say that you can keep the scalp clean, fresh and problem free with the right kind of shampoo and conditioner.

2. For healthy tresses

Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Hair

Regular coloring and dyeing can make the hair dull and brittle. The chemicals in the dyes and other substances are harmful for both the scalp and hair. Using hair styling equipments such as hair dryers and flat irons are damaging. Regular hair maintenance helps keep the luster and shine in check,

3. For hair regrowth

Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Hair

Exertion and lack of proper diet can result in some serious hair fall. When hair follicles are weakened, hair falls easily even when running your fingers through the hair which is why hair loss is a common issue especially in the later part of the life. To prevent hair loss and allow healthy hair regrowth, protecting the scalp and its hair follicles is the key.

4. For avoiding dandruff

Top Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Hair

Dandruff happens when the excess sebum is secreted by the hair follicles, leading to an excessively oily scalp. A sticky and oily scalp attracts dirt. With more than half of the population affected by flaking, hair and scalp protection and maintenance therapies can regulates the sebum production and prevent dandruff from occurring.

Hair and Scalp Maintenance

To allow healthy hair and scalp, protection and prevention is always better than cure. The maintenance could involve following some healthy tips, hair treatments and lifestyle changes that can establish a strong foundation for protection against the harsh chemicals or environmental damages. It aids in cleansing the scalp, nourishing and moisturizing both the scalp and hair roots which help in restoring the vitality of the hair.

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