Can a Burning Scalp Lead to Hair Loss?


Can a Burning Scalp Lead to Hair Loss?

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Burning Scalp syndrome or Trichodynia is a condition when you constantly feel a burning sensation on your scalp. The scalp becomes extremely sensitive and people experience pain even while combing the hair. This condition is more common in females due to the reason that they have long hair as opposed to males.

There’s no conclusive study to determine the cause of trichodynia. Some say stress is the main culprit behind it. Also, due to the fact that three times more women are affected by it than men, it is also referred to as the ponytail syndrome. Women tying their hair up in tight ponytails increase the scalp sensitivity leading to trichodynia.

Symptoms of burning scalp syndrome

Almost everyone experiences somewhat itchiness on a dirty scalp, but when it gets more frequent than that, it might be a problem. Constant discomfort on the scalp, a prickling pain and burning are the initial signs.

The pain only elevates when you brush out or try to style your hair. If not treated immediately, your scalp starts to feel tingly and tender all the time. Your head might also feel hot throughout the day. In some cases, people have also experienced some hair fall. So, don’t ignore these initial symptoms as trichodynia only gets worse from there.

Since the main cause for trichodynia hasn’t been determined yet completely, it’s important that you look out for these signs.

How to treat trichodynia?

  • Scalp check-up- If you’ve started to experience a burning scalp, you should get it checked out. Since this is where your hair follicles lie, the health of your scalp is crucial. I’d recommend you visit the Advanced Hair Studio. They offer an Advanced Hair Check where they provide a thorough consultation. They are one of the best hair loss clinics in Dubai with a lot of expertise, so do check them out.

  • Hair products- Sometimes a burning itchy scalp might just be a reaction to your new shampoo or conditioner. Some people have sensitive scalps and some shampoos with a lot of chemicals in them are meant for that. So, pay attention, if your conditions worsen after using a particular product, just toss it out.

  • Good food- Some people experience scalp sensitivity due to their lifestyle. If your diet has been consisting of a lot of artificial ingredients, it’s time for a change. Including healthy fats such as flaxseed oil, grass-fed butter in your diet has been known to soothe your scalp.

  • Hair loss treatment- In some cases where this condition has been caused due to head lice, hormonal disbalance or scalp sensitivity, it’s common to experience some hair fall. Visit a place that offers hair loss treatments in Dubai such as Advanced Hair Studio to combat the hair fall. Advanced Laser Therapy is a great way to restore your lost hair.


If you are going through any scalp problem or hair loss issue, then it's extremely important to first identify the problem. Get your consultation booked with Advanced Hair Studio in order to know the root of the problem so that you can get a suitable hair loss treatment.

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