The Psychological Impact of Balding


The Psychological Impact of Balding

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There is not a single person on this planet that will ever admit to finding hair loss a pleasurable experience. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Men and women around the globe, across all races and creeds, dread the day that they will wake up to find a pillow full of hair or look in the mirror to find the beginning of an ever-increasing bald spot, where before there used to be luscious healthy hair.

But there is more to the psychological impact of balding than just vanity. To gain a better understanding of how hair loss for those in Dubai affects people, here are a few of the psychological and emotional effects associated with balding and hair loss:

Severe loss of confidence

A study conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in 1992 showed that “women suffered more emotionally and mentally, and were more likely to develop a negative body image due to hair loss when compared to men who were dealing with the same issue. On the other hand, almost 75% of men feel less confident about themselves with the onset of hair loss, while 60% of men with hair loss say that they have been ridiculed for their baldness at some point in their lives.”

Those are some alarming statistics. We all know that hair loss can affect the way you look to a great extent. It increases your perceived age and this dramatically affects the way that people see and react to you. While being mistaken for someone older isn’t always a bad thing, it could have detrimental results in certain social situations, e.g. on a date or when you are being interviewed. Studies have shown that some employers have chosen against hiring people who are bald or balding because they come across as being older and would therefore not be an asset to their company. According to certain hair fall surveys, about 63% of women claim to have career-related problems because of hair loss.

Depression and anxiety

While there are those individuals who deal positively with hair loss and can embrace their new look with aplomb, most people are more likely to have difficulty with it and will encounter a certain level of depression in the wake of serious hair fall. The chronic stress of watching as your hair thins day-by-day can lead to a general sense of losing control, which ultimately results in high levels of anxiety and actually has the potential to exacerbate the situation. In addition, people who already suffer from disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and body dysmorphic disorder are further aggravated by the onset of hair loss.

Social isolation

Often when people start to lose their hair, they will retreat from society and isolate themselves simply because they are ashamed of how they look. Social isolation can become very dangerous for your mental health in the long run. It has the potential to lead to feelings of loneliness, fear of others, or negative self-esteem. Lack of consistent human contact can also cause conflict with the friends the socially isolated person may occasionally talk to or cause problems with family members.

Those people who choose to isolate themselves normally do so for fear of being stigmatised. Stigma is defined as “a social construct that defines people in terms of a distinguishing characteristic or mark and devalues them as a consequence. Stigma occurs when society labels someone as tainted, less desirable, or handicapped.” The valuing and devaluing of individuals within society are social judgments that have roots in socio-cultural values and beliefs and can often be quite crippling in the case of people who suffer from hair loss.

The first step towards solving your balding concerns

We know that all this sounds extremely distressing. So what can you do when you experience unusual hair fall and would like to address your balding concerns?

Simply contact Advanced Hair Studio UAE. We have decades of experience dealing with many who have suffered from hair fall and hair loss, and will custom design a solution for you to get you back on track with a full head of hair.

Keep in touch and stay informed

Would you like to learn more about hair loss causes, solutions, and treatments? Keep an eye on the Advanced Hair Studio UAE blog to stay abreast of the latest developments in the hair restoration field. We have a team of experts standing to by to keep you in the know.

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