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Most men and women experience gradual hair loss or hair thinning as they age, and it’s pretty normal. However, as per one article published by Harvard Medical School, four in ten people experience hair loss due to genetics. Also known as hereditary pattern baldness, it’s more common in men and affects the hairline that recedes up to the middle of the head.


Hereditary Hair Loss in Males and Females

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Hair loss is one of the conditions that both males and females remain highly worried about in their lives. After all, losing hair negatively impacts the way one looks and feels. Different factors, such as heredity, cause different types of hair loss. Hereditary hair loss affects a large percentage of men and women, and we will discuss this particular type in detail in this article.

What is Hereditary Hair Loss?

Most men and women experience gradual hair loss or hair thinning as they age, and it’s pretty normal. However, as per one article published by Harvard Medical School, four in ten people experience hair loss due to genetics. Also known as hereditary pattern baldness, it’s more common in men and affects the hairline that recedes up to the middle of the head.

This hair loss is harmless but is certainly distressing for those experiencing it. It runs in the families and can affect other body parts other than the scalp. There’s no cure for hereditary hair loss, but it can be slowed down and managed with the help of leading hair treatment providers and a well-established hair loss clinic.

Causes of Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss occurs in a predictable pattern, referred to as male pattern baldness (MPB) or female pattern baldness (FPB). For men, it usually starts in the late 30s as an M-shaped recession at the front of their scalp. On the other hand, women experience it after menopause in a different pattern. The hair becomes thinner over the head, and the hairline does not recede.

There’s a myth that men inherit their balding gene solely from their mother’s side. The primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome, which men get only from their mothers. However, other genes are also involved, which come from the father’s side. Many researchers suggest that men with bald fathers are more likely to develop MPB than others who don’t.

What are Symptoms of Hereditary Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Hereditary hair loss or balding in men usually starts with the progressive thinning of the hairline. This happens especially over the top of the head or crown. It eventually causes a bald spot on the crown of the head. Women rarely develop bald patches but have general hair thinning all over their scalp.

The progress and appearance of hereditary hair loss depend on the hair cycle and the hormone named – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Like our nails and skin, our locks have a finely tuned cycle of growth, rest, and shedding. There are three phases in a hair cycle, and hair loss can occur at any time in these phases. In the Anagen phase's first stage, our scalp hair grows continuously. New hair growing from the scalp keeps pushing out hair that has either stopped growing or is no longer in the Anagen phase. Hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days, and hair remains in this active phase for about two to six years.

The second stage, the Catagen phase, is a transitional stage that lasts for about two to three weeks. The growth stops, and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches it to the hair root to form club hair. The third stage, Telogen, is the resting phase that lasts about 100 days for hair on the scalp and longer for the hair on our eyebrows, lashes, legs, and arms. During this phase, club hairs are formed, and the hair follicles are at complete rest. If you see a solid white material when you pluck a hair, it indicates that your scalp hair is in the third stage.

Coming back to DHT, which is a male sex hormone, it has a big role in hair loss in both men and women. Too much or too little DHT in your body can disrupt the normal hair cycle and cause hair thinning and balding issues. High levels of DHT can shrink hair follicles and shorten the cycle, making hair thin and brittle and fall out faster. DHT can also prevent your hair follicles from growing new hair after the old ones fall out. You can take vitamins for hair loss that help block DHT and keep hair problems at bay.

Can Hereditary Hair Loss be Diagnosed and How?

Hereditary pattern baldness is usually diagnosed by analysing its pattern and history in the family. No other tests are required for its diagnosis. However, other possibilities of hair loss can be ruled out with a blood test.

Can Hereditary Hair Loss be Treated?

Losing some hair gradually is a normal part of the ageing process and doesn’t require any treatment. However, if hair loss happens suddenly, it is distressing and requires some treatment and attention. The reason could be your genetics, health issues, lifestyle, and more. You can slow down or stop the progression of your hair loss with a mix of medicines and treatments. Here are some of the top medicines that can help you manage your hereditary hair loss:



Available in tablet form, this one is a prescription-only treatment for hereditary hair loss in men. It blocks testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone and prevents hair follicles from shrinking. This is presumably considered as one of the best hair loss treatment for men and must be continued for at least six months. It helps increase scalp hair but not body hair. However the efficacy is seen as different in different individuals hence it can be safely considered as not a sureshot answer for all.

People need to talk to their doctor and find out whether this medicine is suitable for them or not. These are effective medicines, but they affect people differently. They might not be of any benefit for some and even cause some side effects. Women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy should also not use these medicines.

Minoxidil Topical Lotion

Suitable for both men and women, Minoxidil is a rub-on treatment that can be easily bought from a local pharmacy. You are expected to apply it twice every day on your dry scalp for up to six months. If it shows good results, you have to continue its application for a longer period to maintain results. Minoxidil tablets are also available and are more effective in treating earlier stages of hair loss. Again, don’t forget to consult your doctor before using any medicines as it may not give the same expected results to all.

You can also take dietary supplements with biotin, vitamin A, zinc, vitamin C, and iron to fight and manage hair loss. Balding and hair thinning areas can be hidden using wigs, hairpieces, hair sprays, or hair colouring products. Hair transplantation is also a suitable hair loss treatment for men.

Can Hereditary Hair Loss be Prevented?

The answer is a no, as you cannot change your genes. However, there are a few things that you can do to keep your hair healthy and strong for longer. You have to ensure sufficient everyday dietary protein intake, as our hair is made up of a form of protein (Keratin). Other chemical substances that make up our hair are copper, zinc, iron, a small amount of fat, and calcium. One should eat enough protein to maintain healthy hair. You should include tofu, meat, chicken, cheese, eggs, fish, dried beans, grains, and nuts in your diet.

Then there is haircare, which is important for keeping hair healthy. You should always try to be gentle with your hair, avoiding tight hairstyles, twisting, pulling, and rubbing. Avoid long periods out in the sun, say no to excessive heat treatments and avoid using heavily perfumed hair lotions.


Not much can be done to escape hereditary hair loss, but there are ways to deal with this problem. Some leading hair restoration and hair retention companies, like Advanced Hair Studio, offer quality and perfect hair loss treatment in Dubai. After consultation with their expert team, one can find out what hair treatments and procedures are the most suitable for their particular type of hair loss. This hair loss clinic has earned a global reputation and presence with cutting-edge technology and exemplary customer service.

Mr. Mones, Head- Hair expert @AHS UAE

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Mr. Mones Jbour, Regional Head of Strand-by-Strand CosmeticTM

Mones Jbour stands as a testament to the artistry of hair and beauty. Though his academic roots lie in electrical engineering, his heart has always been captivated by the transformative power of hair. Embracing this passion, he embarked on a journey with Advanced Hair Studio, becoming a luminary in the Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic™ realm—a unique, patented non-surgical hair restoration solution that emphasizes artistry and individual style.

Launching his career in 2002, Mones pursued an in-depth education in hair and beauty. By 2004, his name was synonymous with excellence in the industry. His distinctive artistry earned him the title of 'Top Hairstylist' at the esteemed Yas Island brand in Abu Dhabi. His pursuit of perfection led him to the L'Oréal Academy, where he specialized in color and later took on roles as a trainer and branch manager.

In 2015, Mones brought his unique flair to Advanced Hair Studio. After intensive training at the AHS headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, he quickly ascended to become the regional trainer and technical head for the Middle East and Subcontinent. His dedication to continuous growth and innovation saw him attending numerous workshops and seminars, ensuring that Advanced Hair Studio remained at the forefront of hair artistry and style.

After further refining his expertise in quality control during a 2017 training session at AHS headquarters, Mones embraced roles as QC Manager and Head of Product Development. His ethos? To always push boundaries, refine skills, and remain at the pinnacle of hair replacement artistry.

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Ashwin Mungar
Ashwin Mungar

It took me 1 Year to decide whether I wanted to go through with the hair restoration procedure using a Natural Looking Hair piece. I did a lot of research and consulted with many people who had done the procedure.

I was convinced to go ahead due to the information session / in-depth knowledge and the excellent customer service skills of Sanjay- the manager.

I did the procedure 1 month ago and I can honestly say that it was the best decision ever. Advanced Hair Studio provides the best quality for the Hair Pieces. The staff takes the time to understand what you are looking for as a customer. They style your hair based on your facial structure and I must truly admit that their stylists are pure Artists! My favourite stylist is Mohamad from Lebanon. He does magic with his hands and I am always thrilled with the new styles/ suggestions he provides.

I must admit that AHS is on the more expensive side if you were to consider the other competitors in Dubai. However, it is all worth every penny spent! You will not regret it.

Do not over think it. Just go ahead an do the procedure. You will evolve into a whole new person! Believe me! :-)

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Mohamed Naeem fitness
I was always suffering from hair loss since long time ago. Till I heard about advanced hair studios. They totally changed my life 100%. And my modelling career and in my confidence overall. I totally recommend it.
James Mitchell
James Mitchell

I started losing my hair in my mid-twenties and in spite of trying all sorts of treatments it gradually got worse and worse. By my late twenties I started cutting my hair short. Whenever I tried to grow it, it used to look a mess and was impossible to style because of my receding and thinning. I was looking at doing a hair transplant for a while, but I kept delaying it in hope that there was some alternative.

When I was in my mid-thirties I first came across AHS. I was a bit skeptical but I thought I’d find out what they could do. I was expecting a sales pitch but what I learned about hair loss and hair restoration from them was presented in a straightforward and logical way, without lots of medical terminology. They take time to explain the root cause of the problem and explore all the different treatments.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment and as it turns out, having AHS fix my hair was one of the best decisions I ever made. I still cannot believe how good my results are. I just wish I’d done it 10 years earlier rather than wasting so much time (and hair!). I would urge anyone who is thinking of doing something to check them out.


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