7 most common myths about Hair Transplants


7 most common myths about Hair Transplants!

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Hair transplants are one of the most popular methods of hair regrowth today - but they are also one of the most misunderstood.

Sometimes, people do not understand the procedure completely and can become intimidated or even scared at the thought of undergoing a surgical procedure, no matter how good an option it is for them. To ease the worries, here are some myths about hair transplants listed by Advanced Hair Studio -

Myth 1 - Hair Transplants Don’t Work

Fact - A hair transplant is the most effective treatment option available for hair loss. The prescription drugs and formulas can only slower the hair loss and promote mild hair regrowth, but a hair transplant is a great option which can give extensive growth that lasts. You will mostly never lose what you have after the transplant.

Myth 2 - Hair transplants cost a lot of money

Fact - Often believed, the procedure is highly expensive one of the most cost-effective treatments for balding and hair loss. It is a one-time cost which will benefit your hair for the rest of your life. Most of the hair loss options require continuous purchases which eventually start to add up. With a hair transplant, the larger initial cost ends up being cheaper in the long run.

Myth 3 - Hair transplants should be done as early as possible

Fact - One of the most common myths related to Hair Transplant. Balding in men can start in their late 20’s or early 30’s.The age plays the least role when considering a hair transplant.

The hair transplant treatment at Advanced Hair Studio is equally effective for clients irrespective of the age group they belong to. However, other factors like the number of grafts, stage of hair loss, suitable treatment can be best determined by consulting our team of experts.

Myth 4 - Hair Transplants are Painful and Dangerous

Fact - The hair transplant procedure carried out at Advanced Hair Studio is an advanced treatment procedure that incorporates modern cutting edge technology which makes the hair transplant not only safe but also alleviates the pain or discomfort.

There is almost no recovery period and you can expect to resume the normal day-to-day life within hours after the procedure. A numbing agent will likely to be used on the scalp and patients will mostly not feel a thing.

Myth 5 - Hair Transplants are Apparent

Fact - The hair loss clinics say that there was a time when the hair transplants look fake and obvious. But, this has not been true for a long time. The treatment progressed significantly and is indistinguishable for people without hair loss. As hair transplants involve grafting your own hair to the head, the result is hair that looks and grows naturally.

Myth 6 - Surgical hair loss treatment is only for men!

Fact - Hair restoration surgery is used for both men and women, depending on the hair loss pattern. The transplant procedures are associated with men, and most marketing and testimonials focus on the male patients.

However, the women suffering from baldness can also benefit from hair transplant surgery. With women, the pattern of baldness is different and more difficult to treat than in men, but hair restoration is still possible.

Myth 7 - Medicine is needed to avoid hair loss

Fact - Many people believe that after the hair transplant surgery, drugs and pharmaceuticals should be taken to protect against hair loss and eliminate the risk of future balding. However, there are some medications which help with hair loss but these are not to be used following the transplant.

The hair transplant return the permanent and fully growing hair to the head. As long as your hair are surgically transplanted, it is safe from balding. However, the hair which are not transplanted can still fall out. In such situations, a hair loss specialist may prescribe medication but is usually unnecessary.

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