This is what Women Think about Bald Men


This is what Women Think about Bald Men

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Thinning of hair or baldness refers to the partial or complete lack of head hair. It is called alopecia and is generally seen in both men and women. However, it is more common in men, and most will experience some degree of hair loss before the age of 35 or 40.

There are men without hair who think that being bald is sexy. However, there are other men too with hair who would rather retain their locks than become bald by undergoing hair loss treatment for men. Some people say that being bald is in. But, is it really? And when comes the question- do women like bald men? What is the general idea of bald men among women? Let’s find out!

Physical appearance matters?

Our physical appearance matters in society and it’s hard to deny this. What we look like on the outside can determine the shape of many things in our lives such as our career, relationships and marriage, what kind of people we connect with, and how socially successful we are in general. People tend to draw presumption about someone else’s personality based on appearance all the time.

Research shows us that physically attractive people are attributed to a variety of enviable attributes, which is hardly amazing. Being beautiful or handsome opens doors to a lot of opportunities.

What do women think of bald men?

Researchers say that women mostly disapprove that the hair on the head though high on consideration they also consider who a man overall is. Some percentage of women even mentioned they see baldness as an appearance of honesty which makes it much easier to trust a man as the person looks to be fairly more mature. These women find hair loss a not so significant but a secondary factor in bald men with beards. They however pay much more attention to a man’s humor or other characteristics such as intelligence, cordiality, confidence rather than the quantum of hair on the head.

There is another larger group of women who think that hair is quite an important part of the man’s personality as it signifies youth and virility. They find it unattractive if a man is bald or have thinning hair on his head and believe that they should try hair restoration procedures for hair regrowth to look youthful and healthy.


We come to the conclusion that the general point of view of women varies. There are women who think bald men are sexy and at the same time, there is another group of women who think bald men are unattractive. It totally depends on how you perceive yourself. If you love the way you are, everyone will love you.

Being bald is not a curse. However, if you still think that when male pattern baldness treatment and other effective hair replacement treatments are available today and you should alter your appearance to gain more confidence, then that’s the right decision for you. You should visit Advanced Hair Studio, a hair loss clinic to get a hair transplant in Dubai. With more than 300 studios and alliances worldwide, Advanced Hair Studio has been offering hair replacement procedures to people from all around the world.

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