Protect your hair while sleeping with these tips


Protect your hair while sleeping with these tips

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Hair is the most important asset which has been gifted to us by God. To keep them hale and hearty is not as easy as it seems to be. Everyone has different hair, the color, the texture, thickness, and length makes it unique.

Sleeping is the most peaceful activity of the day; though it seems to be, what happens once you shut your eyes can really be a cause of worry. Though it is difficult to believe, most of the hair damage like split ends and hair breakage occurs during our sleep.

It really doesn’t matter how much money we spend on hair care products, hairstyles or a plethora of hair fall treatment. The only thing that can save our hair from all the vandalization is taking following some tips before we sleep. These tips are small steps towards making your hair healthy and strong.

Tips to protect your hair while sleeping

If you find some strands of hair on your pillow in the morning then you really need not worry. As it’s natural to lose some of the hair but if this number exceeds the normal count of 100 hairs then it is an alarming fact that you should take care of your hair by taking proper treatments for hair regrowth.

Tip #1: Dry your locks before mounting the bed

If you had a hair wash before going to bed then make sure to dry them. Hair is in their weakest state when they are wet and can break easily. It is for a simple reason that Keratin, which is a protein present in the hair follicle, has the weakest bond in a wet state. Your hair should be completely dry before sleeping.

When we brush or sleep with wet hair, the hair gets stretched and this unnecessary friction damages the follicles of the hair. This can break and damage the hair leaving them dull and dry.

Tip #2:Brush your hair before going to bed

Yes, you heard it right! Evenly brushing your hair is one of the best remedies from getting your hair spoilt. Try to untangle your hair with a wide comb before going to the bed as detangling your tresses evenly spread the natural oils in your hair from top to ye tip. This simple step can be a lifesaver for your beautiful hair.

Tip #3: Apply good hair oil

If you are fed up with your dry hair then applying hair oil to your ends is a very good option. The oil keeps the hair hydrated and minimizes breakage and split ends. It prevents the hair from further getting damaged while sleeping. The oil creates a protective layer around the follicle which works like magic and makes your hair flawless. A small amount of Argan oil can tame the hair troubles and repair it overnight making your hair soft and manageable. In case of too much damage, you need to take refuge in hair fall treatment.

Tip #4: Sleep on silk or satin pillow cover:

Any harsh material is not good for hair as a harsh material creates friction and damages hair. Cotton is not as soft as silk or satin. Now feel like a princess while sleeping on a soft pillow case. You can protect your hair from getting damaged by using silk or satin pillowcase. These pillowcases are softer and thus create less friction. This small investment will make a great difference in protecting your hair. So you do not need to take tension when you toss and turn overnight as silk does not pull your hair.

Tip #5: Wear a silk cap or scarf before sleeping

You should wear a silk cap or scarf before getting into bed. Invest in silk material which is 100% pure or hair loss treatment to protect your hair. You just need to tie your hair and wear a scarf or cap. It helps in reducing friction and tangles which are the main causes of breakage and split end. It also allows natural oil to condition the hair and also protects the hair length.

Tip #6: Use a scrunchie to tie your hair

Elastics can be very damaging for the hair as it puts a lot of stress on the hair and this can damage the shaft of the hair. If you tie your hair before going to bed, opt for a scrunchie. Elastic is not an ideal material for hair so avoiding it will protect your hair.

Tip #7: Tie your hair in bun or braids:

If you sleep with open hair at night then you should control this habit as it is not good for hair health. Braids are called a girl’s best friend as it I keep your hair natural with a band placed at the bottom. It keeps your hair frizz-free and thus damage-free.

A hair bun is also a good option to control hair damage. A bun that is not tied high and is not too tight keeps hair manageable and also protects it. Never go for a high ponytail or tight braids and bun if you want to wake up with a smile on your face.

Tip #8: Mend your sleeping position

If you are a person who tosses and turns during sleep then you need to take care of this habit. A restless sleeper is more likely to damage the hair because of the friction caused during the sleep. Mending your sleeping habits will protect your hair from getting tangled and damaged.

Tip #9: Make sure to remove hair products before sleeping

If you are fond of hair accessories and extensions then be very cautious. Hair extensions, accessories and hair spray contain chemicals that can damage your hair to the core. Hair sprays also contain alcohol that makes your hair brittle. If you use these products regularly then pledge to leave them immediately. These are really damaging so always free your hair before getting into bed.



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