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Secrets Behind Your Favorite Celebs


Pretty Secrets Behind Your Favorite Celebs - FOR AHS UAE (Talk about hair transplant)

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The Head Turners: OUR CELEBRITIES!

We often look at celebrities on our T.V. sets or view their pictures in glamour magazines & you are starstruck! Be it their smooth, perfect, long, glimmering tresses or lengthy curls, cascading down their backs, these Celebrities always display the perfect hair. But the question here is: Do they ever have a ‘Bad hair day’?

Decoding the secret behind the Lustrous Hair!

The ‘unrevealed secret’ behind the voluminous and lustrous hair of celebrities is after all not so difficult to decode. The celebrities always have help at hand in form of Experts at all times. Their hair Stylists also are informed of latest techniques as well as procedures & take all required precautions to retain the health of the hair.

After researching about a few famous hair experts, one must have come to know the secret of growing hair faster.

HAIR TRANSPLANT: With the modern and dramatically improved technology, various procedures of hair transplantation has gained ground. Efficient surgeons take follicles from donor site and harvest them at the bald patch. Careful nurturing over the months leads to the regrowth of hair from the follicles and gradually brings back natural density and volume of hair.

Reap the benefits of Procedures and Reverse your Baldness:

People seeking hair treatment for baldness should visit AHS to get a clear insight into the extent of their problem. Once the diagnosis is done then only hair regrowth strategy can be worked out. AHS offers exceptionally advanced, avant garde, revolutionary procedures which have been extremely successful among people suffering from baldness.


Strand-by-Strand embraces world’s most advanced technologies & techniques. Coupled with next generation instruments and performed by most efficient doctors, it has brought back hair and happiness to many people all over the world.

Hair regrowth is guaranteed and after some time of monitoring the new hair fills the head and fulfills the aspirations of the client.



A strikingly innovative procedure of hair restoration by AHS is Supernatural. It is uniquely designed with cutting-edge technology and performed by the most renowned practitioners, gives a superior result than others available in the market.



Providing the best hair treatment for baldness AHS has introduced its AHS Complete which is a customized program leading to best results keeping in mind the age, gender, face & profession of the client. The exclusively refined procedure, which is performed by the best talent available in the field, gives an incomparably satisfactory result.


Want hair for life? Visit Advanced Hair Studio and give a new life to your hair !

Mr. Mones, Head- Hair expert @AHS UAE

Article by

Mr. Mones Jbour, Regional Head of Strand-by-Strand CosmeticTM

Mones Jbour stands as a testament to the artistry of hair and beauty. Though his academic roots lie in electrical engineering, his heart has always been captivated by the transformative power of hair. Embracing this passion, he embarked on a journey with Advanced Hair Studio, becoming a luminary in the Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic™ realm—a unique, patented non-surgical hair restoration solution that emphasizes artistry and individual style.

Launching his career in 2002, Mones pursued an in-depth education in hair and beauty. By 2004, his name was synonymous with excellence in the industry. His distinctive artistry earned him the title of 'Top Hairstylist' at the esteemed Yas Island brand in Abu Dhabi. His pursuit of perfection led him to the L'Oréal Academy, where he specialized in color and later took on roles as a trainer and branch manager.

In 2015, Mones brought his unique flair to Advanced Hair Studio. After intensive training at the AHS headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, he quickly ascended to become the regional trainer and technical head for the Middle East and Subcontinent. His dedication to continuous growth and innovation saw him attending numerous workshops and seminars, ensuring that Advanced Hair Studio remained at the forefront of hair artistry and style.

After further refining his expertise in quality control during a 2017 training session at AHS headquarters, Mones embraced roles as QC Manager and Head of Product Development. His ethos? To always push boundaries, refine skills, and remain at the pinnacle of hair replacement artistry.

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Our Google Reviews

Ashwin Mungar
Ashwin Mungar

It took me 1 Year to decide whether I wanted to go through with the hair restoration procedure using a Natural Looking Hair piece. I did a lot of research and consulted with many people who had done the procedure.

I was convinced to go ahead due to the information session / in-depth knowledge and the excellent customer service skills of Sanjay- the manager.

I did the procedure 1 month ago and I can honestly say that it was the best decision ever. Advanced Hair Studio provides the best quality for the Hair Pieces. The staff takes the time to understand what you are looking for as a customer. They style your hair based on your facial structure and I must truly admit that their stylists are pure Artists! My favourite stylist is Mohamad from Lebanon. He does magic with his hands and I am always thrilled with the new styles/ suggestions he provides.

I must admit that AHS is on the more expensive side if you were to consider the other competitors in Dubai. However, it is all worth every penny spent! You will not regret it.

Do not over think it. Just go ahead an do the procedure. You will evolve into a whole new person! Believe me! :-)

Mohamed Naeem fitness
Mohamed Naeem fitness
I was always suffering from hair loss since long time ago. Till I heard about advanced hair studios. They totally changed my life 100%. And my modelling career and in my confidence overall. I totally recommend it.
James Mitchell
James Mitchell

I started losing my hair in my mid-twenties and in spite of trying all sorts of treatments it gradually got worse and worse. By my late twenties I started cutting my hair short. Whenever I tried to grow it, it used to look a mess and was impossible to style because of my receding and thinning. I was looking at doing a hair transplant for a while, but I kept delaying it in hope that there was some alternative.

When I was in my mid-thirties I first came across AHS. I was a bit skeptical but I thought I’d find out what they could do. I was expecting a sales pitch but what I learned about hair loss and hair restoration from them was presented in a straightforward and logical way, without lots of medical terminology. They take time to explain the root cause of the problem and explore all the different treatments.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment and as it turns out, having AHS fix my hair was one of the best decisions I ever made. I still cannot believe how good my results are. I just wish I’d done it 10 years earlier rather than wasting so much time (and hair!). I would urge anyone who is thinking of doing something to check them out.


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