How to Improve the Density of Your Hair Without Any Surgery?


How to Improve the Density of Your Hair Without Any Surgery?

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Genetics play a huge role in determining your hair texture as well as your hair density. While you can’t alter your genetics, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the density of your hair.

Now, your hair is made up of two components namely the shaft and the hair follicle. The follicle is placed on the epidermis layer of your scalp and has its root up to the dermis layer. As the hair follicle grows, hair sprouts up and pushes its way out through the scalp. So, the part of your hair above the scalp is referred to as the shaft.

However, you are born with all the hair follicles you will ever have in your lifetime. And, hair density simply refers to the number of hairs per square inch of your head. But over time, due to multiple factors, some follicles just stop producing hair and you also experience hair thinning.

So, in order to improve hair density, you need to focus on reviving those deep-rooted hair follicles that have slowed down. Using products to increase hair thickness will also give you a boost in the volume of your hair.

Non-surgical ways to boost your hair density

Toss out products:

You don’t lose hair density overnight. It’s usually the result of using harsh chemicals on your hair for a long time. So, check the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner. If it has sulfates or SLS as the main ingredients, toss it out. Also, look out for triclosan, polyethylene glycol, and potassium sorbate.

Gooseberry pack for volume:

Gooseberry or Amla is one of the best ingredients to treat hair loss and boost hair density. All you need is ground gooseberry, which can be easily found in any Asian spice stores. Just take about a cup of the powder and soak it in warm water to make a runny paste. Apply the mixture generously all over the scalp. Let it sit for around 30 minutes and then rinse it off. Use this remedy at least 3-4 times a week for fast results.

Hair Styling and coloring:

Limit the amount of hair sprays and dry shampoo you use as these products are loaded with chemicals you don’t want on your scalp. Alcohol, one of the main ingredients in styling products leads to a dry and itchy scalp. Also look out for harsh chemicals such as ammonia, p-phenylenediamine in your hair dye.

Laser Therapy:

Laser hair regrowth treatment is one of the best non-surgical procedures to boost the volume of your hair. As mentioned very early on, in the blog when some of your hair follicles slow down and become deep-rooted, you experience loss in hair density. So, in this method, a cold laser is used to stimulate those hair follicles. It’s a non-invasive treatment and results in restoring the hair density. Advanced Hair Studio is one such hair regrowth clinic that offers Advanced Laser Therapy and has satisfied clients all across the globe.


Follow the above tips in order to improve the density of your hair. However, if you are experiencing any hair loss issues, then consult with Advanced Hair Studio today. With more than 300 branches around the world, Advanced Hair Studio has been offering reliable non-surgical hair replacement solutions to millions of people. Get your non-surgical hair replacement in Dubai with Advanced Hair Studio.

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