How to Cut Your Own Hair At Home?


How to Cut Your Own Hair At Home?

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If your hair is getting long and unmanageable and you have no access to a hair professional because of the global pandemic, you have no choice left but to learn how to trim your own hair at home.

With the right tools and a bit of help from others, cutting your own hair at home can be both fun and easy. Here’s our guide on how to cut your own hair short.

The global Covid-19 pandemic had shut down all shops, including beauty salons, leaving people to wonder, “How to cut my own hair?” With summer in full swing and our hair becoming unmanageable day by day, a quick haircut may not be such a bad idea.

With a little bit of planning and a few simple tools, you can quickly learn how to trim your hair at home but before jumping to the hair cutting steps, let's answer some questions which you may have.

Is It a Bad Idea to Cut Your Hair?

Cutting your hair at home does require a skill set, which many of us do not possess. There is a reason why stylists spend years to get trained at styling hair and then gather years of experience in cutting hair professionally.

Moreover, stylists have certain fancy tools and equipment that may not be immediately available to you at home. Special scissors, clippers and specialized trimmers are not always that common in our households.

However, in the current times, where you don’t have access to your loved hair stylists, it may be a good idea to cut your hair or trim them at home. So before you cut your own long hair, do consider a few points:-

  • Do you need a haircut or can it wait for a few more weeks? If it can, then wait till your favorite hair stylist is able to serve you.
  • Do you have someone to help you out at cutting your own hair at home? Having help from your spouse or partner can help you achieve a neat trim.
  • Finally, although you do not need a host of equipment, a few simple gadgets can go a long way.

How Can I Cut My Hair Myself?

Cutting your own hair at home may seem like a daunting task, but with our easy-to-follow steps, you will be a pro at cutting your hair in no time at all.

1. To start with, oil and shampoo your hair to make it wet and manageable. Cutting long tresses is easier when they are wet. Dry hair can be trimmed for split ends but it is not suitable for a full-length haircut. Also, it is best to work with the natural hair texture. Do not use electronic iron straighteners or curlers before a haircut. They may ruin the natural texture of your hair.

oil your hair

2. Then, brush your hair with a comb and keep your handheld mirror and kitchen scissors handy. Ideally, you should have two mirrors – one in the back and the other in the front. This way, you’ll get a full view of both the front and the back of your head.

full view of head

3. Now that you have your equipment in place, start cutting your wet hair from outside to inside. Start with the areas on the back and on the sides, where hair strands are thicker and then move on to the middle of the scalp area, where the hair is thinner.

wet hair

4. Finish off your home haircut with styling tools like trimmers for a smooth and neat finish. Finally, blow-dry your hair to give it the style you prefer.

finish off with blow dry

Is it Better to Cut Your Own Hair Wet or Dry?

Cutting your hair wet is a far better idea than cutting it dry. Wet, moisture-laden hair is much more manageable than dry hair. Cutting your hair dry might result in uneven edges and awkward styling. In professional hair providers too, stylists first wet your hair either by shampooing it or by spraying it with water.

What is the Best Way to Cut Your Own Hair?

The best way to cut your own hair is by keeping in mind a few simple precautions:

  • Have someone help you out:Ask your spouse, partner or any other family member to help you out with the tricky areas, such as the temple areas and the back of your head.
  • Take frequent breaks:If you have long hair, it is advisable to cut your own long hair in parts. Maybe you could trim off the edges first, and have a look at how it is turning out before you move to other areas.
  • Avoid horizontal lines:Different hairstyle types require different techniques. Horizontal cuts are best for long hair, but for curly hair, vertical strokes are better. For a buzz cut go for trimmers or clippers.

How do I Give Myself a Short Haircut?

With limited movement due to the global pandemic raging across the world many places are still closed, which might tempt you to shave off your hair completely. But buzz cuts are not the only solution.

give myself a short haircut

You can give yourself a short haircut to escape the summer heat and also allow your hair some time to grow back. But there are a few things that must be kept in mind while going for a DIY short haircut:

  • Keep your clippers and scissors handy. Opt for clipper guards if you are a messy person. That would prevent you from accidentally harming yourself.
  • Long hair goes well with horizontal cuts in bold strokes. For short curly hair, try to section your hair in parts and go for short snips till you achieve your desired look
  • It is always better to cut a little less than you had originally intended. This is because you can always come back for more chopping. But, unfortunately, the reverse is not possible.


Summer heat coupled with a pandemic is playing havoc with our hairstyles. With a little bit of caution, the right tools and help from your family members, learning how to cut your own hair at home can be both fun and easy.

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