Daily Lifestyle Habits To Keep Your Hair Healthy


Daily Lifestyle Habits To Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Some top tips on how to keep your hair healthy.

There are a number of ways in which to keep your hair healthy. They range from diet to the everyday practices and products you put in your hair. There is also a lot of false information out there on how to keep your hair healthy too. At Advanced Hair Studio UAE, we deal with individuals who suffer from debilitating hair loss and the resultant emotional effect every day. While we don’t always have easy fixes, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to provide some insight into the lifestyle changes you can make to ensure that your hair grows as strong and healthily as possible. Here are a few ways in which you can assist your natural hair growth cycle to lessen the chances of extreme hair fall:

Go for a snip regularly

While it may be tempting to skip a trim because you want your hair to grow longer, this can actually be counterproductive in the long run. Regular trims will help you to avoid split ends and dry hair, so experts recommend that you go for a snip once every 6 – 8 weeks.

Give your hair a break once in a while

The daily grind puts a lot of stress on your hair. We recommend that you give your hair some time off every now and again – let it dry naturally, steer clear of any heat styling tools and avoid tying it up. Sometimes the best course of action for keeping your hair healthy, really can simply be letting your hair down and allowing it to do its own thing.

Load up on protein and eat a colourful plate

Hair is made up of keratin, which is a protein. As such, it only makes sense that in order to grow lush, lively hair you have to ensure that your diet is rich in protein. This doesn’t mean you should overlook fruit and vegetables in favour of meat and eggs – your body is a holistic system and in order to properly absorb macronutrients like protein, it requires things like Vitamin C and iron. In short – make sure you eat a balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates, protein, dairy and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This gives your body all the tools it needs to manufacture strong, healthy hair throughout the hair regrowth cycle.

Protect your hair from the elements

When summertime rolls around it can be very tempting to throw caution to the wind and let your hair do its thing as you enjoy the sun, surf, and sand. However, if you wish to have your hair in good condition and keep your hair healthy throughout the rest of the year, we highly recommend that you take a few precautions before you head outside. Avoid UV damage by donning an appropriate hat (we recently published an article on hats and hair loss that take a look at appropriate headwear for people who suffer from hair thinning and alopecia), ensure that you deep condition at least once a week and don’t be too rough when you try to untangle any resultant knots in your hair.

Stop fiddling!

Twirling your hair around your finger when you’re thinking, picking at split ends when you’re bored, tugging at your ponytail when you’re nervous – most of us are partial to at least one of these. This type of tugging places a lot of pressure on the shaft of your hair and can slowly traumatise your follicles. Our advice is that you try to interfere with your hair as little as possible in order to reduce the odds of traction alopecia.

What are my options to reverse hair loss?

Sometimes no matter how healthily you live or carefully you look after your hair, you will nevertheless experience hair loss. This is the result of a variety of factors that range from genetics and environmental impact, to hairstyle choices and more.

As the scientific understanding of the biology behind hair fall develops so do our options to encourage regrowth. Advanced Laser Therapy is one of the most exciting and innovative treatments we offer at Advanced Hair Studio UAE. This breakthrough procedure involves a powerful combination of the latest laser beam technology with a proven scalp and follicle treatment program that arrests hair loss; saves and thickens existing thinning hair; regrows hair in areas where the follicles are still alive, but deep roots; and improves scalp condition and hair texture to boot.

Keep in touch & stay informed

Do you feel that there is a healthy lifestyle habit that we have neglected to mention or would you like to let us know about a hair retention tactic that has worked for you in particular? Please get in touch by leaving a comment in the comment section. We value your input and would love to hear from you!

Would you like to learn more about hair loss causes, solutions, and treatments? Keep an eye on the Advanced Hair Studio UAE blog to stay abreast of the latest developments in the hair restoration field. We have a team of experts standing to by to keep you in the know.

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