Could Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment Really Be the Cure of Baldness by 2020?

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A stem cell hair transplant is just like a conventional hair transplant treatment but is being referred to be an option with better process and results by a small fragment of the doctors and hair experts operating in the field of hair restoration.

A stem cell hair transplant removes a small skin sample from which hair follicles are harvested, instead of removing a large number of hair to transplant to the area of hair loss.

The follicles are then simulated in a lab and rooted back into the scalp in the hair loss areas. This allows hair to grow where the follicles were taken from and where they are transplanted. However, research on stem cell hair transplants is ongoing and it’s estimated that stem cell hair transplants might be possible to reach a certain success ratio so it is made available on a trial basis but not as soon as 2020 as expected by some few.

What are stem cells?

Could Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment Really Be the Cure of Baldness by 2020?

Stem cells are cells that have the potential to expand into different types of cells that are found in the human body. These cells can divide and renew themselves to either stay stem cells or become other types of cells. The stem cells will work towards revamping certain tissues in the body by dividing and replacing damaged tissues.

The procedure

The procedure begins with a process called punch biopsy which is performed using a circular blade instrument that’s rotated into the skin to remove a cylindrical sample of tissue. The complete procedure will take approximately 3 hours.

It helps in extracting stem cells from the person. The stem cells are then divided from the tissue in a particular machine called a centrifuge. It leaves a cell suspension that’s then injected back into the scalp in the areas of hair loss. There are various different research teams that are working on stem cell hair loss treatments. All the procedures are based on growing new hair follicles in a lab using a small skin sample from the patient, even though they may vary to some extent.

According to the researches, stem cell hair transplants can be effective in treating different hair loss conditions, including:
  • Male Pattern Baldness/ male androgenetic alopecia
  • Female Pattern Baldness/ androgenetic alopecia
  • Cicatricial Alopecia

Stem cell hair transplant recovery

There is no specific recovery time required after this procedure, though extreme exercise should be avoided for a week. Some scarring can be expected where the fat has been removed, which will also fade away in a short period of time.


The stem cell hair transplant treatments being researched are expected to be available on trial by 2020. Stem cell hair transplants will be highly effective and will serve as a cure to baldness and will help greatly in hair regrowth, especially for people who aren’t candidates for the hair loss treatments. The research available on the success rate of stem cell hair transplants is fairly positive and the success rate is looking positive for the coming future.


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