Does a Buzz Cut Can Impact Your Normal Hair Growth Cycle?


Does a Buzz Cut Can Impact Your Normal Hair Growth Cycle?

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What is Buzz Cut?

Of all the hair styles popular among youngsters, the buzz cut has gained an element of notoriety that is hard to beat. A buzz cut is a hair style in which the hair of the scalp is extremely cropped to resemble a shaved look.

The cut gained popularity with the coming of hair clippers and became popular among army men and other professionals, whose profession required them to keep their hair short. This haircut is not to be confused with club hair, where you sport your hair slightly longer.

In popular culture, the buzz cut has been sported by a number of celebrities, including Drake, Nick Jonas, David Beckham, Zayn Malik and many more. However, the question that has bothered a lot of people is that whether or not buzz cut styles hamper the hair growth cycle?

But the truth of the matter is that a buzz cut will not affect hair growth. Healthy hair growth is not affected by the haircut. Hair growth has a particular pattern that is not dependent on haircut per se. A haircut might delay the process but will not impact the overall growth cycle.

Hair that has been cut will go through all the cycles before it can grow back. This blog shall dispel the myths associated with the buzz cut.

Does Buzz Cut Help Hair Grow?

There are indeed several benefits associated with the buzz cut. It may look nice with your facial features and give you a new look to sport. Buzz cut hairstyles are also low maintenance and do not need too much of a fuss at least for a while.

However, the buzz cut will not affect the hair growth cycle. This is because hair grows from within. Your hair length, texture and quality – all depend on your genetics, your hair care routine and your diet. Buzzed hair will always go through the same healthy hair growth cycle as uncut hair.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Hair After Buzz Cut?

In order to understand hair growth, we need to understand the hair growth and hair fall cycle. Hair growth has four distinct phases: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and Exogen phases.

In the Anagen phase, the hair continuously grows for 3-5 years. In people of Asian descent, hair might grow for up to seven years. In this phase, hair grows to about 6 inches per year. Therefore, over an entire Anagen phase, hair might grow by 18 to 30 inches.

After this active growth phase, hair shafts enter the next short transitional phase called Catagen phase. This phase only lasts for about 10 days. Next, the hair enters the Telogen resting phase. This phase is about three months. In this phase, your hair no longer grows. Finally, the last phase is called the Exogen phase or the shedding phase, during which the old hair follicle is released. This phase is crucial for the entire growth cycle to restart.

Even when you go for a buzz cut or crew cut, the existing hair will continue to grow at a normal speed and soon you will have normal hair length. Therefore, it is important that if you want to continue to sport a buzz cut, you must regularly maintain it by running hair clippers on your hair.

What Is the Normal Hair Growth Cycle?

The normal hair growth cycle, on an average, typically lasts for about six to seven years. This is followed by a few months of the next phases, when the hair shafts enter the resting and the hair fall phase. After all the phases are over, your hair can start with the normal hair growth cycle.

What Is the Normal Hair Growth Cycle?

However, in normal haircuts, since all of the hair on the scalp is not shaved off or buzzed, the remaining hair will still exist and continue to grow at a normal speed. In buzz cut, however, since the whole scalp undergoes a cut, therefore, it might take longer for hair to grow back to its earlier length.

Hairstyles That Do Impact the Normal Hair Growth Cycle

While a buzz cut might not impact the normal hair growth cycle, there are certain hair styles that affect negatively the hair growth and overall hair health. There are hair styles that lead to what is called Traction Alopecia, in which hair is styled so tightly that it continues to pull at the roots of the hair strands, thereby killing them over time.

These styles include tight buns, cornrows, deadlocks, weaves, hair extensions and chemically relaxed hair styles. Therefore, hair experts advise to go for simple hairstyles that are not only good for your face shapes but also for hair health.

What Can You Do When You Notice Hair Loss?

Usually, human beings typically lose about 60 to 100 hair strands a day. Hair fall, when it is natural, is an essential component of the hair growth cycle. We have already looked at the science of hair growth. We must realize that in order for new hair to grow, it is important that your hair must fall.

However, the problem starts when you typically lose more than 100 hair strands a day. If you are losing an extra amount of hair, then you must be having an underlying hair problem. It might be the beginning of male or female pattern baldness.

Moreover, if you lose hair in patches, then it might be alopecia areata. It is best to consult a doctor or a hair expert, if you find yourself to be losing an abnormal amount of hair strands.


Buzz cut hairstyles have a variety of benefits from being low maintenance to looking cool and the great thing is that they do not affect the hair growth cycle. It just takes the hair time to grow back to the original length before the buzz cut.

The crew cut must be of uniform length to qualify as a buzz cut. You should avoid hair styles that hold the hair high and tight. You should also take care of your hair with regular brushing, shampooing and conditioning in order to encourage hair growth.

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