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The decision for me to do something about my hair loss was simple. I didn’t want to go bald. So as soon as I started to lose my hair I saw Advanced Hair Studio, and underwent therapy. My own hair is now growing again.

Australian Cricket Legend

I was only 19 when I first noticed my hair was thinning. Being a young man I didn’t want to go bald at such an early age. Now in my twenties and researching ways to Regrow my thinning hair, I met Carl Howell, founder of A.H.S and I’ve never looked back. Since the treatment started, I now have a full head of hair and feel more confident and happy

AFL Star

I did something about it. And if you also like to, it’s easy! The gradual procedures of Advanced Hair Studio can replace your hair STRAND-by-STRAND® over a period of months so no-one will even notice. What was particularly important in my case was that I could still play cricket, swim and run, and I can without any problems. That’s because STRAND-by-STRAND® translates as freedom. So here I am, with my new hair, looking as I did 10 years or more ago. I just wish it could have given me another 10 years of Test cricket.

English Cricket Legend

When you start losing your hair you think ‘why’s this happening to me?’ Advanced Hair Studio explained that many guys lose their hair before their mid 20’s, but until recently there was no effective way to retard hair loss and regrow hair. But now with the Advanced Laser Therapy® Program it’s possible to do that. So I gave it my best shot, and even after a short period of time I started to see results.

Rugby League Legend

Appearance is important to us all, professionally and personally. When I started to thin I knew I needed to do something and quickly, and Advanced Hair Studio made it easy. Once I understood what could be achieved and the process, I had no doubts. I am delighted with the results which have been achieved so quickly.

Australian Racing Car Champion

If you were anything like me, you’ve probably been worrying about hair loss for quite some time. Now you’ve decided it’s time to do something positive about it. Of all the options I checked out, Advanced Hair Studio was by far the most professional, most successful hair replacement organization in the world. Their specialized and patented procedures, such as STRAND-by-STRAND®, can restore a totally natural looking full head of hair again. Just take a look at mine! If you would like your hair replaced over a period of time, like I did, it’s easy! And I can still play cricket, surf, or whatever. It was imply the best thing I’d done in years. If you’re thinking about having your hair replaced, don’t wait any longer. Call Advanced Hair Studio now!

International Cricketer

Winning Fox-FM’s Perfect Man competition changed my life, so that the moment life’s pretty perfect. But I never would have had the confidence to even enter the competition if I hadn’t had my hair replaced by Advanced Hair Studio.

Fox-FM’s Perfect Man

To most people looking at me they wouldn’t have even noticed my hair was thinning ,but I noticed every time I looked in a mirror especially when my hair was wet. I decided to catch it early so I could keep my appearance ,I can’t believe how strand by strand has brought back happiness to looking in the mirror ,I feel and look 10 years younger . I can’t thank you enough.

English Cricketer

I’ve been face to face with a lot of tough encounters, like facing the world’s fastest bowlers! But the toughest test I’ve had to face was with the mirror, and the fact that I was losing hair. That’s why I booked in for the Advanced Hair Check®. They replaced my hair STRAND-by-STRAND®…and now I’m happy to face just about anything.

New Zealand Cricket Legend

After six long years, I eventually found the ultimate solution for my hair loss only at Advanced Hair Studio. The procedure recommended by Advanced Hair Studio gave me a head full of hair and helped increase my confidence. Advanced Hair Studio has the best and advanced technology. This has been brilliant experience for me and my family and friends who are very happy for me. Needless to say that nowadays I look at the mirror more often.

Indian Cricketer

All I wanted was to stop my hair fall, thicken the thin hair strands and improve the condition of my existing hair, naturally. Thanks to Advanced Laser Therapy, I was precisely able to achieve that. Now I am so happy that I refer Advanced Hair Studio to all my colleagues & friends related to the field of cricket and otherwise who have hair loss problem.

Indian Cricket Legend

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