What is FUE hair transplant? PROS and CONS.


What is FUE hair transplant? PROS and CONS.

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Hair transplantation medical procedure has significantly advanced the most in the recent five decades. All through the development of hair transplant medical procedure, techniques have come and strategies have disposed of but FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) has proven to be the most known of all.

FUE is a SURGICAL method that expels singular hair or follicular units, "each one in turn" from the back side of the head (contributor harvesting site). This technique for hair transplantation is a negligibly intrusive methodology that includes utilizing little round punches (1.0 mm) to expel the individual follicular units from the back of the scalp, and after that embedding the collected follicular units into the scalp in the thinning beneficiary regions of the head.

Like some other surgery, FUE hair transplant likewise has an insignificant list of pros and cons. In any case, the good things about FUE hair transplant outflanks its bad and most likely this is the purpose for its enormous popularity everywhere throughout the world. Here is a brief correlation of points of interest and hindrances of FUE hair transplant:


  • There are no stitches in the surgery

  • It avoids leaving long direct scar in the donor area.

  • Dotted scars that are framed because of FUE are far less unrecognizable than the direct scar offered by FUT.

  • It does not cause much bleeding.

  • It offers quick recovery with the least inconvenience.

  • It can be performed to regrow hair on scars also.

  • It gives the specialist an opportunity to take out just chosen hair follicles.


  • It is a very moderate process that requires a ton of time and exertion of the specialist for graft extraction.

  • Transplanting an extensive number of grafts may require numerous sessions.

  • It costs more than traditional FUT methodology.

  • Graft harm rate is somewhat higher in the event of FUE when compared with the traditional strip technique transplant.

  • There are very few specialists who master the technique since it is a troublesome one and must be performed well by skillful and experienced specialists.


FUE hair transplant is a simple and viable treatment for those who suffer from hair loss. The modern-edge method has made it conceivable to have hair surgically restored with least reactions. It is an important expansion in surgical hair restoration that has made hair transplantation significantly more prominent among those facing hair loss.

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