How to Take Care of Hair this Summer?


How to Take Care of Hair this Summer?

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Summer months can be extremely difficult for a lot of people. While in temperate zones, summers are usually short and not so cruel, in tropical areas, summers can be especially harsh. In a country like UAE, the summer can start from April and can stretch right up to late October. The weather during this period can be hot, sultry and humid.

This marks a difficult period for your hair as well. All types of weather changes bring their own set of challenges. In winter, hair may become dry and frizzy. In spring and fall, pollen and dust can wreak havoc with hair.

Summers too can especially be tough for all hair types be it Curly hair, Straight hair, Wavy hair, etc. The weather can damage the hair texture while in extreme cases it may lead to hair loss as well.

Thankfully, there are tips and tricks that you can master that will help you to take care of your hair during the summer months. From regular brushing to shampooing, from oil massages to homemade hair packs, we will discuss the top tips for taking care of your hair during the summer months. But first, let us look at the major challenges that people face during the summer months.

What Problems does Hair Face in Summer?

Problems does Hair Face in Summer

Overall summers can be excessively challenging for hair-related issues. Let us look at the major issues that can affect one's hair during the summer months.

Heat, Dust and Pollution

These are some of the constant fixtures for summer months. These typical summer problems can wreak havoc not just on your body but also your hair. Your hair can be particularly susceptible to the summer sun, and can become excessively dry and brittle.

Further, dandruff is a common recurrence during the summer months. Also, the excessive humidity in the air may lead to your hair becoming sticky. This in turn can attract more pollutants.

Summer Heat

Excessive summer heat is bad for your body and hair. Generally you tend to sweat a lot. Your body and hair can turn dry due to the draining of water and essential salts from your body through sweat. Alternately, sweat can get trapped into the hair follicles, thereby attracting dust and grime.

There are many ways to beat the summer heat. This can be done by wearing loose clothing (the sweat gets evaporated, cooling down the body and the scalp), drinking a lot of water and wearing protection (sun hats). Staying hydrated and keeping away from the summer sun can be beneficial for your body and hair.

Harmful UV rays

We all know that UV rays can cause skin cancer. However, that is not the only thing that the summer sun does. The UV rays can wreak havoc on your hair as well. Those who have highlighted their hair should take special precaution.

The highlighted strands are particularly sensitive to UV rays. Due to the side effects of these rays, your hair can become dry and lifeless.


Summer and dandruff go hand in hand. Dandruff is essentially caused by dryness of the skin. The skin of the scalp scales off and the tiny white flaky skin particles get trapped within the hair strands.

The summer heat can increase the propensity of getting dandruff. It is therefore important that you regularly wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo to keep dandruff away.


Pollution is not typically a summer problem, although it might increase during the summer months as people are out and about. Pollutants in the air can damage your hair strands. Oily hair can attract even more pollutants than normal hair. This might lead to hair damage and in some cases hair fall as well.

5 Hair Tips for Summer

Summer can be tough. Hopefully these 5 tips will see you through the summer months:

  • Firstly, get your hair trimmed. Long locks of hair can become unmanageable and unruly. Sweat particles can get trapped within hair strands, causing discomfort and damaging your roots. A nice trim will allow your scalp to breathe easy. It will also make you feel comfortable.
  • Secondly, take precaution while going for a swim. Whether it is your neighborhood pool or the pool in a resort, the chemicals in the water can strip your hair of the natural oil called sebum. The chlorine in the swimming pool can cause irreparable damage to your strands, leaving them dry and frizzy afterwards. Dryness can damage the cuticle and result in split ends.
  • Thirdly, shield your hair strands from the cruel summer sun. Highlighted hair can get particularly damaged by the sun’s rays. Protect your hair with a sun-brimmed hat to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Fourthly, shampoo and condition your hair regularly. Get rid of the dirt and the grime by washing your hair with a mild shampoo and following it up with a gentle conditioner. You can also use an anti-dandruff shampoo if you are prone to experiencing dandruff.
  • Finally, all you lovely ladies, always tie up your hair in a neat bun or a braid, if you maintain long hair. Messy hair strands can attract dust particles making the hair even drier and frizzier. Also skip the hot tools such as heat-based straighteners for a while as they tend to make your hair even drier. Keep a distance from all artificial products and go for all-natural products that are organic in nature.

Loving your hair this summer will not only keep your hair healthy, it will also help you to beat the summer heat.


Summer can be particularly tough on your hair strands. From dandruff to dry hair, from harmful UV rays to pollution, the list of hair-damaging elements can be long. Washing, shampooing and protecting hair from the summer sun are some of the ways you can make sure that your hair stays healthy.

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