Advanced Hair Studio in Abu Dhabi on 18th October 2019!

Don’t miss your chance to meet Advanced Hair Studio’s hair loss experts in Abu Dhabi on 18th October 2019! Get answers to your hair loss problems and join of the league of over 1 million satisfied clients.

Advanced Hair Studio has a powerful history of 45 years and an international reputation as the world’s largest hair restoration company; we specialise in providing hair loss treatments and hair regrowth solutions for any type and stage of hair loss.

Our proven before and after results speak for themselves and the many testimonials we receive each year demonstrate the effectiveness of our hair loss treatment, therapies and procedures. We are continuously improving to ensure that we deliver the best and the most advanced hair treatment while also providing an outstanding service to our existing and future clients.

If you are experiencing hair loss, pre-register below for a consultation with AHS hair experts and take the first step towards a head full of hair.

In your consultation we aim to deliver following objectives:

1. Understand your current hair loss condition, background and any factors that could affect your hair loss, and/or course of action.

2. Explain you the aesthetic perspective of the hair loss.

3. Discuss your objectives, comfort zone and expectations.

4. Help you understand the prevailing treatments/procedures, their objectives and limitations

5. Help you choose the right procedure in order to meet your expectations.

6. Provide an action plan, timelines, financials, etc.

Complete solution for any type of Hair Loss!

Meet AHS experts in Abu Dhabi on 18th October 2019!.

Register to avail 50% off on Consultation & 20% off procedure cost.

Event Details
  • Date
    18th October​ 2019
  • Location/City
  • Venue
    Andaz Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi (Salon 3 & Salon 4)

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