Supernatural is the most revolutionary and one-of-its-kind concept by Advanced Hair Studio, designed to give you a head full of hair.

This technique restores and retains your existing hair, giving you natural, non-maintenance results.

It is performed by the world’s top practitioners in the field of hair restoration and is popular across the world in cities such as New York, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong. This revolutionary hair loss treatment is now available through Advanced Hair Studio here in the U.A.E.

Any person suffering from initial signs of hair loss considers various options to attain their hair regrowth. Starting from self-medication and allopathy or homoeopathy treatments to seeking professional help, every possibility is looked into but none of them gets a 100% solution. Some even go forward and consider a hair transplant or even undergoing hair transplantation. The objective of Supernatural is to restore individual’s lost hair and retain it for a lifetime by arresting the hair loss. The hair restoration procedure presents to those with hair loss or baldness an alternative that provides completely natural results.

Why is Supernatural considered to be the best hair restoration solution?

  • It is designed for people looking for natural, 100 % undetectable results.
  • Next generation instruments are used to ensure higher accuracy.
  • Performed by the top practitioners in the field of hair replacement.
  • Amazing things about Supernatural:

    • Unique procedure to fulfill multiple hair restoration objectives.
    • Exclusively performed at Advanced Hair Studio.
    • Comes with guarantees from the leading international hair loss solution providers.

    Supernatural by Advanced Hair Studio is a choice of people of all age groups to restore their radiant mane. The unique technology behind this solution makes it the most celebrated hair transplant procedure worldwide.

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Before / After Transformations

Clients Testimonials

I got confidence after treatment as result was wonderful. After treatment follow-ups were also very nice, I recommend that if you have hair fall problem then don't wait just visit Advanced Hair Studio.

Ronan - Model

Consistent service from staff. Thank you for timely support and service.

Arti - Architect

Improved hair growth and hair fall is very well under control. The treatment has definitely helped me a lot!

Steffan - Singer

Very professional approach. Will recommend everyone to at least once should visit Advanced Hair Studio.

Devin - Management Accountant