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Welcome to Advanced Hair Studio Dubai, where you can find top-tier hair transplant procedures and hair loss solutions tailored just for you. With a global reputation and more than 50 years of experience, we assure you, as we have assured celebrities and sports stars, that your hair restoration journey is in expert hands.

Our range of services is broad and innovative, offering you an array of hair loss treatments and hair growth solutions to best meet your unique needs.

Our commitment to your satisfaction has led us to expand our services across a global network of over 300 studios and partnerships. At our Dubai hair clinic, we offer impressive success rates in hair restoration and hair retention treatment. You'll receive high-standard, transformative hair restoration services here, setting a new benchmark in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Your journey to renewed confidence starts with us. Welcome on board!

Seeking a solution to your hair loss?

Do you struggle with hair loss, thinning hair, or bald spots? The time has come to reverse the situation! At Advanced Hair Studio, we give you the resources you need to beat hair loss and regain your best self.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, advanced hair transplant techniques, proven dermatology treatments, and the world’s most sophisticated non-surgical hair replacement technology, we offer a range of programs designed to tackle any stage of hair loss. We pledge to deliver faster, more dependable, and safer results. Additionally, we produce results that match your specific objectives and goals and appear natural.

The time to bid farewell to hair loss issues is now. Why wait any longer? Begin your transformation journey today, elevate your confidence, and experience the joy of a fuller head of hair with us at Advanced Hair Studio Dubai.

Why Should You Choose Advanced Hair Studio Hair?

Here's what we offer you. We're a globally recognized leader in hair transplants, non-surgical hair replacement, and regrowth treatment programs.

At Advanced Hair Studio, you're not just opting for a procedure; you're choosing guaranteed results.

As a pioneer in the field, we have successfully helped over 1 million people worldwide achieve results that exceed their expectations and provide them with an enjoyable experience. Our world-class practitioners deliver FDA and TGA-approved treatments, independently validated by Harvard and Monash Universities clinical trials.

Hair loss is a condition that affects approximately 80% of individuals, but you don’t have to accept hair loss as an inevitable fate when you're with us. Experience top-tier help and VIP customer service in our state-of-the-art facilities. Choose Advanced Hair Studio. Start your journey to fuller, healthier hair today. Don't accept hair loss; fight it with us.


You're assured natural, lasting hair transplant results at AHS, thanks to advanced technology, skilled doctors, and professionals.


AHS provides safe, pain-free procedures by leading hair surgeons, ensuring fast recovery and minimal side effects.


AHS guarantees 100% safe and effective hair transplants, promising desired outcomes without side effects. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Best Plastic Surgeons

At Advanced Hair Studio, our top-notch plastic surgeons are experienced in hair restoration, consistently delivering excellent results.

Natural Looking

AHS's treatments offer results that look so natural they can match and surpass your original hair's quality.

Technology Driven

We're dedicated to maintaining Advanced Hair Studio's highest pre- and post-op standards, continually exploring the latest treatments and technologies against hair loss.

Complete Satisfaction

Your experience with AHS Hair Clinic is a comprehensive journey beyond the treatment room. Our meticulous aftercare is as crucial as the procedure, guaranteeing a swift and safe healing process. From the first step to total recovery, the AHS team is by your side, ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

With over 50 years of distinguished legacy and a star-studded client list featuring the crème de la crème of Hollywood, Bollywood, and the sporting world, AHS stands proudly as a top-tier hair transplant clinic. We're committed to delivering phenomenal VIP results to every client every single time!

What makes AHS the best in the industry?


50 years of excellence innovation & research

1 Million satisfied clients

FDA approved procedures

2 research & development department

Endorsed by Harvard & Monash Universities

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Men and women across the globe struggle with hair loss, and we're here to offer tangible solutions that produce real results. We're committed to bringing you the finest, cutting-edge hair loss treatments and procedures while maintaining the strictest global standards in the United Arab Emirates.
Preserve Your Hair
Fend off hair fall and thinning with Advanced Hair Studio Hair Clinic in Dubai! From specialized dermatology procedures to tailored hair care programs and treatments, we help you retain luscious, healthy, and well-kept locks.
Regain Your Hair
Embrace the transformation at Advanced Hair Studio! Achieve natural and effective hair restoration with our transplant procedures, or enhance your mane to surpass your natural density and volume with our revolutionary Strand-by-Strand procedures.


Close to 1 million people around the world have benefited from the advice and procedures of Advanced Hair Studio. Our unique combination of breakthrough technology and outstanding customer service has seen us grow into one of the world's largest hair restoration companies, with presence across the world.

Introducing the most powerful laser technology and treatment program for safe and effective hair retention and hair regrowth in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

2 out of 3 men in the region are suffering from hair loss, including nearly every other man under 30. If you are worried about hair loss, the first thing to do is visit Advanced Hair for a comprehensive consultation.

Advanced Hair Studio has taken the best technologies & revolutionary ideas and evolved it to today’s needs of the women suffering from hair problem.

Before/After Transformations

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It is an age old fact, hair is like wealth, which is very common. Envied and desired by those who don’t have it. Some flaunt it while others can’t, as they don’t have enough. When one loses all his wealth it becomes difficult to grow it back, it requires one to invest a lot of time and be patient, to figure out the reasons for hair loss and to work on its solutions. Although common, hair loss is a tough thing to live with. What’s more disheartening, is the fact it alters one’s appearance, which drastically affects self-esteem and confidence.