Reasons Why You Need Advanced Laser Therapy for Hair Retention It is acceptable to shed about 100 hairs every day. However, some people fail to regrow hair or lose more hair because of hereditary factors, nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes Reasons Why You Need Advanced Laser Therapy for Hair Retention


Reasons Why You Need Advanced Laser Therapy for Hair Retention

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It is acceptable to shed about 100 hairs every day. However, some people fail to regrow hair or lose more hair because of hereditary factors, nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and stress. These factors differ from person to person based on their lifestyle habits and medical history.

However, thanks to technological advancement, we now have multiple hair loss treatments catering to different causes of hair loss. The most common hair loss treatments are medical, surgical, and cosmetic hair treatments. These prove helpful in varied kinds and stages of hair loss.

Medical treatments involve hair fall control shampoos and are effective at an initial stage of hair loss. Surgical hair treatments involve invasive procedures such as hair transplants to provide the desired result in 9-12 months. Lastly, cosmetic treatments are temporary hair procedures that make a full crown appearance possible without actual surgery.

Besides this, there is an option of laser therapy for hair retention. Under this treatment, experts use light energy to stimulate the hair follicles to get the necessary nutrition and regrow hair. It is the ideal treatment for people at an initial hair loss stage, looking forward to having long, lustrous, and flawless hair. There is no complication or hassle involved in this treatment which makes it the active choice of multiple hair experts across the globe.

Today, we will talk about advanced laser therapy and its advantages to help you make a wise decision about choosing your hair loss treatment.

What Is Advanced Laser Therapy?

Experts use light energy to invigorate circulation and stimulation that aids the hair follicles to grow hair. Laser therapy irradiates photons into the scalp tissues for absorption by the weak scalp cells, encouraging them to promote hair growth. It is a widely accepted procedure since it is safer and less invasive than a hair transplant surgery.

It works for most people at an initial stage of hair loss who are reluctant to undergo extensive hair transplant surgery. It is possible to take multiple laser therapy sittings to reduce hair loss and stimulate the hair follicles for better hair growth.

Further, even people who have bald patches because of accidents can opt for this treatment. It stimulates the hair follicles in the affected area to start growing hair again.

Thus, laser therapy is one of the best hair loss treatments available for people looking for a safe and non-invasive treatment to control hair loss.

Why Choose Advanced Laser Therapy for Hair Retention?

Laser therapy is a lucrative option for hair retention because of its cost efficiency and safety. It provides the desired results without the need for an extensive surgical procedure. Laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless hair procedure that regrows hair in no time. Further, it also helps strengthen the hair by stimulating the hair follicles. Additionally, as against all other hair procedures, laser therapy has no side effects that make it a safe option to choose.

Contrary to this, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure that requires multiple sittings and a detailed process to regrow hair in 9-12 months. Further, using needles increases the chances of infections and other side effects. Other cosmetic options such as a hair wig and hair weaving are only temporary solutions that require constant upkeep and maintenance costs.

Thus, laser therapy is a lucrative hair treatment for people at an initial stage of hair thinning and with bald patches.

Benefits of Advanced Laser Therapy

Advanced laser therapy has several advantages such as:

  1. Non-invasive: The procedure is less invasive as compared with hair transplant surgery. It leaves behind minimal or no scars after the treatment.

  2. Painless: It is a pain-free procedure with little discomfort during and post-treatment. As against this, a hair transplant can be painful because of the needles used during the process and swelling post-surgery.

  3. Hair growth: Under this procedure, light energy helps in stimulating the hair follicles to ensure hair regrowth in no time. It is effective even when someone encounters severe accidents that stop hair growth completely.

  4. Hair fall control: The therapy helps in controlling hair loss. It is an effective solution that stops hair loss at the initial stage and stops the condition from worsening. It is why experts recommend this surgery to control massive hair loss.

  5. No side effects: The prime advantage of laser hair therapy is its feature of no side effects. Almost all other hair procedures lead to a few side effects either immediately or in the long run. However, this procedure provides an excellent cure with no side effects.

  6. Increased hair strength: By stimulating the hair follicles, laser therapy aids in strengthening the hair. It is a long-term advantage derived out of this treatment that reduces the chances of hair loss in the future.

Besides these advantages, there are certain flaws that one must know before making a choice. These include:

  1. Time-consuming process: Laser therapy is a time-consuming procedure that requires multiple sessions a week for many months. However, the number of sessions is dependent on the current hair loss condition of an individual.

  2. Less effective: The laser therapy procedure is less effective for people at an advanced stage of hair loss. It is the best choice for individuals who have only started experiencing hair thinning.

  3. Interaction with other medical conditions: Laser therapy is not suitable for people on photosensitizing medication. These medicines make an individual sensitive to light, rendering it impossible to perform laser therapy.

  4. No long-term research: Another flaw of the therapy is that there is no legitimization of its long-term effectiveness and safety. It often becomes a hindrance in following the treatment.

Thus, an analysis of the pros and cons of advanced laser therapy can help one make a wise choice for their hair treatment.

Know the Cost-Effective Hair Retention Treatment in Dubai.

Advanced laser therapy is a cost-effective Hair Retention treatment in Dubai that provides excellent results. Hair transplant surgery digs a hole in one’s pocket, and cosmetic procedures require maintenance costs now and then. As against these, laser therapy is a cost-effective hair treatment with similar results.

Thus, along with all other advantages, the cost efficiency makes laser therapy the choice of millions worldwide.

Which Is the Best Hair Loss Clinic in Dubai

While looking for the best hair loss clinic in Dubai, look no farther than Advanced Hair Studio, UAE. We house a team of highly experienced and skilled hair professionals to deliver top-notch hair treatments to our clients. Together with this, we have the latest technology equipment to provide modern solutions to our clients.

To avail of the best Advanced Laser Therapy in Dubai, all you have to do is book an appointment at AHS. We perform an Advanced Hair Check to diagnose the cause behind your hair loss. Followed by this, we list down the best available hair treatment options for our clients based on their hair loss situation, medical history, budget, and cause of hair loss. Lastly, we provide post-surgery consultation and aid to ensure complete support to our clients.

Besides top-quality hair treatments, our experts are renowned for their consultation services since choosing a suitable treatment is as essential as the execution. Additionally, we also guide our clients on the best hair care practices for maintaining healthy hair in the future. Our experts prescribe the best natural remedies that one can employ in the long run to keep their hair healthy.

Thus, coming to Advanced Hair Studio helps bid farewell to the hair troubles permanently.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we offer top-notch hair care treatments to our clients. Serving over a million people in our experience of more than 47 years has seen us grow into a global chain of 300+ alliances and branches. More than 10,000 celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood, and sports have also chosen our services and enthusiastically endorsed them.

Our client testimonials and before-after photographs of our previous clients speak for themselves and establish the effectiveness of our treatments. Some of our commonly chosen hair treatments are Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic, Flashpoints, AHS Home Program, Supernatural by AHS, Laser Therapy, Advanced Hair Check, and AHS Complete, among many others.

At our clinic, there are all means to give the hair one desires. Our hair experts can pose a solution for all kinds and stages of hair problems with our numerous treatment options. Along with providing hair restoration solutions, we also make it possible to enhance the quality of birth hair. We are the one-stop destination for all the hair problems that help us send our customers back as happy people.

Further, we offer all our hair treatments at affordable prices to make hair restoration affordable for people from all walks of life. We understand the trauma that hair loss problems can cause, and hence, we stand with our clients in their journey to getting back the lost hair and confidence.

You can browse our website to get in-depth knowledge of our products and hair treatments. If confused, our experts can help you pick the most suitable treatment based on your present hair loss condition, budget, and medical history.

Thus, without further delay, book an appointment with Advanced Hair Studio to get the best hair transplant in Dubai along with other hair restoration treatments. Once you come to us, you will no longer have to feel hopeless about your hair condition.

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