Know Which Country has the Highest Count of Smoothed-Headed Men? Losing up to 100 strands a day is a natural phenomenon. However, when this number increases and when you notice that you are losing hair more than before Hair Loss


Which Country Has The Most Bald Men?

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Losing from 80 to 150 strands of hair per day is totally normal. It happens as our hair follicles cycle between their growth and resting phases. As men, when we start to thin out on top, seeing hair falling out of our heads on a regular basis is likely to cause us grave concern. But the reality is this; we do not go bald because our hair falls out, we go bald because our hair follicles grow progressive thinner and weaker hair until they stop growing hair altogether. This process is called miniaturization, and it happens because of a genetic condition, which we refer to as male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia. .

Androgenic alopecia is so common that it accounts for over 95% of all hair loss cases in men. In fact, we are 4 times more likely to develop androgenic alopecia at some point in our lifetimes than not. In Dubai, almost half of all men under the age of 30 and just over two-thirds of men under 50 are believed to be victims of androgenic alopecia.

Most Common Cause: Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is a genetic hair loss condition that makes our hair follicles sensitive to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Once an onset starts, typically in the late twenties and early thirties, DHT forms on androgen receptors on our hair follicles, causing them to weaken and grow progressively miniaturized hair strands. As this happens, the growth phase of our hair growth cycle gets shorter and shorter, and eventually our follicles stop growing hair altogether. It is possible to prevent androgenic alopecia from progressing with the right hair loss treatment, but once you reach the stage where your follicles have stopped growing hair the damage is permanent and irreversible.

The diagram below, referred to as the Norwood Scale, shows the typical progression of androgenic alopecia. We call androgenic alopecia “male pattern baldness” because the progression normally happens in distinct patterns. It’s important to note that not all hair loss victims will lose hair in these telltale patterns. Sometimes the patterns are progress differently, and some men also suffer from what is termed “diffused unpatterned alopecia” which can be described as a gradual diffuse thinning across the top of the head.

Irrespective of whether or not your hair loss is occurring in the typical pattern, ultimately, if it continues to progress to its most advanced stage, you will be bald on the top of your head - from your hair line above your forehead, right back to where your occipital bone protrudes at the back of your skull. This is the same for all human beings who exhibit this condition.

Fortunately, as we age our bodies typically produce lower levels of DHT, and the rate at which our hair loss progresses tend to slow. That’s why not everyone who suffers from androgenic alopecia goes bald.

So, does where you live impact your chances of going bald, and if so, how? .

Which country has the most baldness?

With almost half (42.79 percent) of men going bald, baldness is most common in the Czech Republic.
Just shy of the Czech Republic, Spain stands in second place with 42.6 percent of men going bald.

Germany is next in the line-up, with 41.2 percent of men losing their crowning glory, followed by France with 39.24 percent.

Coming in 5th place, and literally just behind France, 39.23 percent of adult males in the United Kingdom will go bald.

The United States comes next, followed by Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Russia, and Canada.

So, it appears from these figures that Europeans are the most likely to go bald. Is this correct?

Which country has the least bald men?

According to the same Quora study, China is the country with the least number of bald men. Other countries like Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia also have a lower prevalence of baldness.

According to a study called Pathophysiology Psychological Effect, and Management of Androgenetic Alopecia in Men, Caucasian men are most likely to be affected by androgenic alopecia, while Asians, least affected. So, it’s not a case of where you live, but rather your race that will impact your risk of developing androgenic alopecia – this is a genetic hair loss condition after all.

While this appears to be validated in the percentages illustrated above in terms of the demographics, it does not mean that hair loss isn’t a global problem. The prevalence of androgenic alopecia is rising in the human population everywhere and this has been the trend for a long time.


Here are some important takeaways from this article:

  • About 80% of the human race will develop androgenic alopecia at some point in their lifetime. Alopecia Areata, the second most common type of alopecia, will affect less than 2% of people.
  • Baldness is not caused by hair falling out, it’s caused by hair growing progressively miniaturized until it stops growing altogether.
  • Androgenic alopecia affects women as well - 40% of women will develop female pattern hair loss by the time they reach their menopause.
  • Androgenic alopecia is always progressive unless it is treated. Once the hair follicles have stopped growing hair the damage is permanent and irreversible.

There are many tried and tested, clinically proven treatments for androgenic alopecia available today, there is no cure for baldness.

What Solutions are Available?

Advanced Hair Studio offers a range of clinically proven hair loss treatments, which are specifically designed to successfully combat androgenic alopecia. Since the 1970’s we’ve helped over a million people solve their hair loss problems. But what if you are already bald, or your hair loss is severe and there is a lot of permanent damage? As today, there are no successful solutions that will regrow your hair where permanent damage has occurred. The only way to get hair back in those areas is to physically put it there. This can be done either with clinical restoration - a hair transplant procedure. or with non-clinic hair replacement methods, or a combination both. Advanced Hair Studio it the first and only clinic in Dubai to offer both clinical and non-clinical hair restoration solutions in the same facility.

A hair transplant is a permanent hair loss solution for men who wish to restore hair that has been lost permanently as a result of androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Around the world, top clinics have perfected hair transplant procedures and the best transplant surgeons and their teams are able to deliver amazing, natural-looking results. At Advanced Hair Studio’s hair transplant clinic in Dubai, you can expect the same world-class standards and clinical care from the world’s leading transplant doctors as would receive in any top transplant clinic in the US or UK. However, a hair transplant may not be suitable for everybody.

End Note

Just as preceding with any type of hair loss treatment or procedure, it is imperative that you consult with an expert, in-person, to understand whether or not the procedure is suitable for you and will meet with your expectations and comfort zone.

Book a consultation with a hair loss specialist at Advanced Hair Studio .

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When I was in my mid-thirties I first came across AHS. I was a bit skeptical but I thought I’d find out what they could do. I was expecting a sales pitch but what I learned about hair loss and hair restoration from them was presented in a straightforward and logical way, without lots of medical terminology. They take time to explain the root cause of the problem and explore all the different treatments.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment and as it turns out, having AHS fix my hair was one of the best decisions I ever made. I still cannot believe how good my results are. I just wish I’d done it 10 years earlier rather than wasting so much time (and hair!). I would urge anyone who is thinking of doing something to check them out.

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