8 Ways on How to Increase Hair Density How to increase one’s hair density is a question that plagues the mind of both men and women, especially those who have short or thin hair strands. 8 Ways on How to Increase Hair Density


8 Ways on How to Increase Hair Density

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How to increase one’s hair density is a question that plagues the mind of both men and women, especially those who have short or thin hair strands. From the point of view of beauty, hair density is important since having dense hair gives you a fuller appearance.

This blog will look at how to increase hair density by following certain simple steps. These natural ways will help you to improve your hair density and give you a stunning look.

What is the Meaning of Hair Density?

Hair density is the number of hair strands per square inch of the scalp. Figuring out the thickness of hair strands is also important as it helps us to understand what products to use, what haircut to opt for and how to style your hair.

What is Normal Hair Density?

The normal hair density is about 2,200 hair strands per square inch of scalp. However, this number constantly varies as an average person also loses about 50 to 100 strands of hair daily.

It should also be noted that if you lose more than 100 hair strands a day, then your hair density will start decreasing as hair fall will surpass hair growth.

What you also need to understand is that dense hair can be both thick and thin. For instance, you may have a high hair density with thin hair, or low density with thick hair strands.

To have an idea of how dense your hair is, all you need to do is to tie your hair up in a ponytail and measure the circumference or the girth of the tail. If it is below 2 inches, then you have thin hair. If it is within two and four inches, then you have moderately dense hair.

If it is more than four inches, then that means you have very dense hair. Once you know your density, it will be easier for you to figure out how to improve hair density naturally.

Why is My Hair Density Low?

Hair density depends on several factors. These include the level of personal care, genetics, hormones, diet, etc. Poor hair care and lack of nourishing food can also affect hair density. Here are some of the factors that may lead to thinning of hair:

  • Poor diet: Lack of certain vitamins, such as vitamin B3 and C can lead to thinning of hair. Also, a lack of protein can lead to hair loss and hair damage. If you want a thick mane of hair, you should opt for nutritious food like avocado, eggs, almonds, fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods have great nutritional value that promotes hair growth and increases the density of your hair.
  • Lack of care: Hair Care is important to increase hair. Regular brushing your hair promotes blood circulation of hair follicles and helps in increasing the density of your hair. Lack of regular care may lead to hair damage and even hair fall.
  • Biological factors: Biological factors, such as genetics and hormones may also influence the length and the density of hair. If you are blessed with the right genes, chances are that your hair density will be high. However, even without the right kind of genes, you still may have great hair, provided that you care for it.

Is It Possible to Increase Hair Density?

Hair density is a combination of genetics, hormonal factors and personal care. While hormones and genes cannot be altered, personal care regimen can, to a great extent, improve hair growth.

Regular brushing of hair improves circulation while consuming certain volume-boosting food can also go a long way in improving hair growth. Avoid smoking and drinking and exercise regularly to improve bodily functions, including hair growth.

Our revolutionary hair product called Advanced Hair Magic can also be used to immediately increase hair density. These Advanced hair thickening fibers instantly rebuild your hair with natural keratin fibers, creating the appearance of thicker hair in an instant!

These fibers blend in and electrostatically bond with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair volume and minimizing the appearance of thinning hair.

8 Natural Ways to Increase Hair Density

Hair density can be improved at home by following certain simple tips and tricks. These will help you not only to improve the density of your hair but also to have healthy hair in general. Here’s how to increase hair density naturally at home:

Clean your hair with a mild shampoo and condition it with a volume-enhancing conditioner. Shampoo cleans the scalp promoting hair growth, while conditioner nourishes hair follicles.

    1. Clean your hair with a mild shampoo and condition it with a volume-enhancing conditioner. Shampoo cleans the scalp promoting hair growth, while conditioner nourishes hair follicles.
    2. Oil massage is particularly helpful to improve hair. Natural, organic oils, such as coconut oil and olive oil are great for hair. They are rich in nutrients that strengthen the roots of the hair and lead to hair growth.
    3. Aloe Vera gel is considered to be extremely beneficial for hair. Massage the gel on the scalp gently and wash it with water. Regular use can help increase the hair density.
    4. You can incorporate certain foods into your diet to increase the hair density. Eggs, spinach, almond and citrus fruits give you strong and dense hair.
    5. Regular brushing increases the blood flow in the scalp that strengthens hair follicles and encourages them to grow.
    6. Drinking fenugreek water can also increase the hair density. Fenugreek has high protein and nicotinic acid content that fights dandruff and promotes hair growth.
    7. Henna leaves are considered to be natural volume boosters. Wash your hair with henna leaves for a silky, smooth texture and improve the volume of your hair.
    8. Finally, you can also increase hair density by using gelatine mixed with water and a few drops of lemon. Gelatine is a natural volume booster that also helps in preventing hair fall.


While biological and genetic factors do affect hair density, you should know how to increase hair density naturally at home. Brushing, following natural home remedies, eating foods to increase hair density are just some of the ways you can have a thick, full head of hair.

However, if you are still having doubts or not seeing the desired results, you should come to Advanced Hair Studio. Our team of hair experts will conduct Advanced Hair Check, a state-of-the-art hair check-up that tells you exactly what is wrong with your hair.

As explained in the blog, Advanced Hair Magic is a great product to instantly have thicker-looking hair. As you apply these hair thickening fibers on your scalp you will see the balding patch and thinning hair simply disappear.

Once you have completed the application of the Hair Thickening Fibers, you simply brush through your hair and the fibers blend with your existing hair in a completely undetectable manner. They are precise laser-cut into micro-sized-fibers and are completely safe and a natural solution for both men and women.

No matter what the weather conditions are, be it strong winds or even rain, the micro-composition of The Hair Thickening Fibers ensures they stay bonded to your existing hair. When you do wish to remove them simply wash them out with shampoo.

We also have a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for increasing your hair density. Two such treatments are Strand-by-Strand Ultimate and Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic. In short, our treatments are your best bet when it comes to increasing hair density.

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