Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai for Men and Where to Find It? You will find the best hair loss treatment in Dubai for men with Advanced Hair Studio where our experts ensure the best and desired outcomes as per your expectations. Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai for Men and Where to Find It?


Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai for Men and Where to Find It?

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Hair loss problems are on a constant rise in contemporary times owing to multiple factors. Gone are the days when hair loss was a problem only of the old. These days people in their 20s are also experiencing excessive hair loss because of their lifestyle habits. The major causes behind the Hair Loss problem are nutritional deficiency, increased indulgence in chemical treatments, lack of a hair care routine, and excessive stress.

However, with the problem constantly rising, newer solutions to cure hair loss are being introduced. Medicinal, chemical, and surgical procedures are available to treat hair loss and give the desired hair. The only requirement to get a full crown head is to consult a hair specialist at the earliest and get started on the suitable treatment.

It is essential to understand the cause of hair loss to pick the best treatment for hair loss. Here are some of the best hair loss treatments in Dubai for men.

What Is the Main Cause of the Hair Loss Problem?

The Cause of the Hair Loss varies from person to person depending upon factors such as their lifestyle, family medical history, and nutritional habits. Some of the most common causes behind hair loss are:

  1. Nutritional deficiency: The most common cause of hair loss is nutritional deficiency, especially at a young age. Just like all other body parts, our hair needs nutrition to grow and stay healthy. Diet rich in Vitamin A, B-vitamins, Vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and protein is crucial for maintaining healthy hair. Any deficiency of these nutrients contributes to hair loss.

  2. Lack of exercise: Exercising daily plays a crucial role in keeping the body in its best shape. Lack of exercise leads to the body attracting severe ailments and poor blood flow. Therefore, exercising every day is crucial to enhance blood circulation and keep the body fit. Good blood circulation is essential to keep the hair healthy and lustrous.

  3. Severe medical ailments: In some cases, serious medical conditions such as cancer, hypertension, heart diseases, and thyroid contribute to hair loss. The medication for these ailments often has hair loss as one of its side effects. In such cases, hair experts prescribe counter medicines to minimize the side effects of these ailments.

  4. Hereditary factors: The cause behind hair loss in young people is heredity factors, especially male pattern baldness. People with a bad hair medical history often undergo the same. For this reason, hair experts look up the family medical history of a patient while ascertaining the causes of hair loss and prescribing suitable treatment.

  5. Chemical treatments: An increased indulgence in chemical treatments are another common cause behind hair loss. Using chemicals in any form in the hair causes damage, whether you undergo a keratin treatment or use a chemical shampoo/conditioner. If there is excessive chemical usage without conditioning the hair, then hair fall is the outcome.

  6. Heat styling: Another similar reason behind hair loss is heat styling. All hairstyling tools such as hair straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers use heat to style the hair. It causes hair to become damaged and brittle, eventually causing hair loss. Therefore, it is a must to use a heat protectant while engaging in hairstyling and minimize damage as much as possible.

  7. Smoking and drinking: Smoking and drinking occasionally do not do much harm. However, an addiction to smoking and drinking causes hair loss. Smoking often messes up blood circulation, restricting hair follicles from the required nutrition. Drinking alcohol often also causes damage to the hair, ultimately causing hair loss.

  8. Excessive stress: One of the most common reasons for hair loss among teenagers and middle-aged people is stress. It pushes hair follicles into the resting phase that restricts new hair growth and leads to hair fall. Experts recommend engaging in de-stressing activities such as yoga and meditation to control hair loss caused due to stress.

The cause of hair loss varies from person to person and must be understood before undergoing treatment. Experts conduct various scalp tests and study the medical history to understand the cause behind hair loss and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What Is the Best Male Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai?

To determine the best hair loss treatment, one must first identify the cause of hair loss. Only a hair expert can decide the best hair loss treatment in a specific case after a thorough examination. Other factors that determine the appropriateness of the treatment are the condition of hair loss, the budget, and the expectations.

Some of the most successful male hair loss treatments are:

  1. Medical treatments: Medical treatments include using hair fall control shampoos to control hair loss. It is an effective treatment that provides results at the initial stage of hair loss. Besides this, medicinal shampoos can help control dandruff and hair lice. Hair specialists also prescribe oral medication along with shampoos to control hair loss at the earliest.

  2. Laser Therapy: Another effective treatment at an initial stage of hair loss is laser hair therapy. Under this procedure, hair experts use light energy to stimulate the hair follicles. It results in better blood circulation and the growth of new hair. It is an effective treatment for people at an initial stage of hair loss. It is possible to undergo laser hair therapy multiple times to control hair loss.

  3. Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment provides the best results when all other treatments fail at later stages of hair loss. Hair transplant is an excellent surgical treatment under which experts transplant hair follicles from one part of the head with sufficient hair to other areas with bald spots. It offers a permanent solution to hair loss for a lifetime by giving natural hair growth.

  4. Cosmetic treatments: Cosmetic treatments are non-surgical procedures that provide the appearance of a full crown with no hassle. These are external treatments that give a temporary solution for hair loss. Using hair wigs and hair patches can give the appearance of a full crown with the possibility to experiment with hairstyles and change them whenever one wants.

While these are some of the best treatments for hair loss, you must consult a hair specialist to choose the most suitable treatment for yourself. The experts can explain the procedures in-depth and conduct the necessary tests to get you started on the best one.

What Is the Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

The cost of a hair transplant exceeds that of other treatments since it provides a lifetime solution to hair loss. Multiple factors determine the hair transplant cost, such as the present condition of hair loss, the clinic, and the expectations.

Thus, Hair transplant cost in Dubai varies from person to person spending on the extremity of their condition. The more the number of hair grafts to be transplanted, the more sittings would be required, adding up to the cost of the treatment. It is for this reason that hair experts recommend getting the hair transplant done at the earliest.

Why Do Mostly Dubai Men Have Hair Fall Issues?

The cause behind hair loss is the hormone DHT, a byproduct of testosterone. Since testosterone presence is higher in men than women, more men experience hair loss than women. Even though hair loss in women is less common, it still affects multiple women. The chances of a woman going bald are significantly less because the female pattern baldness generally causes hair thinning throughout the scalp instead of creating bald patches at a specific place.


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