8 Tips To Keep Your Hair Nourished And Hydrated During The Winters - AHS UAE Come winters and an array of bothersome issues of hair crop up to plague us. Here are 8 tips to keep your hair nourished & hyderated during the winters. Hair Loss Treatments in Dubai, Advanced Hair Studio UAE, Hair Regrowth Treatment in UAE, Hair Replacement in Dubai, Hair Restoration Treatment in UAE


8 Tips To Keep Your Hair Nourished And Hydrated During The Winters

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Come winters and an array of bothersome issues of hair crop up to plague us. It brings with it cold winds & dryness that results in frizzy, rough, brittle, unmanageable mane and added to it a flaky 7 itchy scalp. No wonder the females especially dread this chill thinking of their lacklustre, limp tresses!

The reason behind all this is that the dry wind of the winters saps the moisture out of our hair & scalp leaving it vulnerable. Our hair needs much more protection, tending & caring during the winter months.


1. A BALANCED, NUTRITIOUS DIET: Add lots of green vegetables & fresh fruits along with protein rich products to give your body complete nourishment. Hair follicles health is dependent mainly on the nourishment provided by the body therefore, a balanced diet is crucial, more so during the winters.

2. PERIODICAL HOT OIL MASSAGE: As the winter winds steal away the moisture of your mane, hot oil massage from time to time helps in stimulating the follicles & improving the blood circulation. Do not leave the oil for too long & rinse it thoroughly. Which oil is to be selected will depend on the texture & condition of your hair.

3. KEEPING THE SCALP SQUEAKY CLEAN: During the winters the scalp tends to get choked by the dirt & dry dead cells, dandruff, etc. This greatly impacts the health of the follicles. Hence, it is vitally important that the scalps hygiene is looked after thoroughly.

4. JUDICIOUS SHAMPOO REGIME: You should shampoo regularly but not as many times as you did during the summers. The simple reason behind this is that shampoo tends to make your hair even more dry. Maybe shampooing two times a week should be sufficient.

While shampooing keep in mind that very hot water should be avoided to retain the natural moisture of the strands & the scalp. See this guide to reduce hair fall & your ideal hair regime.

5. EFFECTIVE CONDITIONING: A rich conditioner will act as guard for your tresses during these harsh months. It is mandatory to condition your hair after every wash as it will enhance its strength & shine. Natural conditioners also work well. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly using lukewarm water.

6. LIMIT THE EXPOSURE: You need to limit the exposure of your hair by covering it well whenever you step out. It is a protective layer which will keep the harsh weather at bay & protect the manes.

7. AVOIDANCE OF HEATING TOOLS: Styling tools which use heating tools are best avoided. These tend to dry the hair which results in breakage.

8. PAMPER YOUR MANES: There are many DIY hair masks that can pamper your manes and rejuvenate them. Many natural products that we use in our daily life have great hidden qualities & when used on hair they work like magic. If you have your grandma’s recipes, please follow them. Also, read this guide to help you revive the quality of your hair naturally.


All in all, you have to be aware of the harshness of winters and its effect on your hair, and be prepared to take utmost care of it. If you are facing hair fall problems & looking for an exemplary hair fall treatment step into Advanced Hair Studio.

AHS is a one destination hair studio for all kinds of hair problems!

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