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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Hair Transplant

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A well-done hair transplant can be life-changing. In fact, it has been for thousands of men and women across the world who suffered from hair loss or a receding hairline. Many have regained their sense of self and their confidence after undergoing this procedure. 

Unfortunately, we've heard some awful myths from non-professionals and professionals alike regarding hair transplants. Some of may simply be misguided, while some of these myths may be very harmful. Don't let false information and fake news keep you from making a decision. Let's examine some of the evidence first. 

Transplant surgery is extremely painful

Transplant surgery is extremely painful

This is an extremely common myth. Many people simply assume because the process is surgical that it will be extremely painful. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Surgery on the scalp does not involve cutting into muscle, organs, or bones like major surgery that is done in a hospital often for serious health problems. 

Hair transplants are often done with local anesthetic as well as sedative and many clients report not feeling a thing. You will be given painkillers to take after your procedure if you experience any discomfort. However, it is not likely that you will be in any extreme pain. 

You will have terrible scarring

Some people incorrectly perpetuate the myth that you will have extremely visible scars on your head after a hair transplant. This may make you worry that wherever you go, your history of having a transplant will be obvious to people based on visible scarring. Fortunately, our method guarantees a minimal amount of scarring that will not be readily visible in your day to day life. 

This is because unlike old FUT transplants which leave large and obvious scars at the back of the head, the FUE method does not. 

You can only get a transplant if you are a man

Unfortunately, this is a very harmful and untrue myth. While it is true that FUE hair transplants are extremely popular among the male population, thousands of women also suffer from hair loss. Women can lose hair in middle age due to hormone changes or other potential factors. Therefore, it stands to reason that many women would also benefit from having hair transplants done. 

If you are a woman and experiencing balding or hair loss, don't let this myth stop you from seeking out the possibility of a transplant. 

Your hair will be full and lush immediately after surgery

Many people incorrectly believe they will have a full head of hair right after their transplant is completed. Unfortunately, the process is actually a lot longer than that. Most are alarmed to see the new hair follicles fall out shortly after having them transplanted. But don't worry! They will grow back and be full when they return. 

This is because it takes several months for the hair to grow back in and look completely normal. It some cases, it may take between 4 to 9 months for the new follicles to grow in full and thick. 

You can continue to smoke and drink alcohol as you normally do

You can continue to smoke and drink alcohol as you normally do

Right after any surgical procedure, smoking and drinking may restrict how well your scalp will heal. Nicotine and alcohol may hamper the results of your transplant surgery by interfering with blood flow. Therefore, it is ideal if you stop smoking for several weeks and stop drinking alcohol for around a week. 

Even though it is important to get back to life as normal after your hair transplant, it is important to take care of your body as a whole so that your results will turn out for the best. 

You should wait until you are completely bald before you get a transplant

This is the worst and most harmful myth on our list. While many patients incorrectly wait for total baldness, they may miss an ideal opportunity to have a very successful transplant surgery. While some people believe that hair may be transplanted from a donor scalp to their own, this is not the case. The hair must come from your own scalp. If the follicles were to come from someone else's head, they would simply just fall out and not re-grow.

A transplant is best done if you still have hair on the sides or back of your hair. It is necessary to still have some hair left in order for you to have the follicles transplanted from one place to the other.

Don't fall prey to the myths you have heard about hair transplants.

Contact Advanced Hair Studio to talk about your options for an FUE transplant and schedule a consult with one of our experts. At Advanced Hair Studio, we promise you will be treated with dignity and respect and given the best of care.

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