Some handsome celebrities you never knew had a hair transplant


Some handsome celebrities you never knew had a hair transplant

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Known celebrities are no different from all of us. They suffer from the same bodily issues faced by the regular individual. This is particularly helpful for hair issues. From thinning of hair to receding hairline to medical conditions, such as alopecia, celebrities can and do suffer from the same issues faced by the common people. However, unlike common people, who can ignore and keep aside their hair troubles, celebrities can barely do so. They are constantly under the public glare and, as such, they have to be extra cautious about the appearance they put up.

From hair to make-up, everything about a celebrity is constantly under public scrutiny. We have often seen on tabloids and TV shows, how fashion critics and pundits scrutinize and criticize the physical appearance of celebrities — everything from their hair to their make up to their costumes are put under constant public attention. As public personalities, we often expect our celebrities to be picture perfect donning the perfect hair, make-up and the best look. Often times, critics are harsh or make fun of celebrities. As such, celebrities have no other choice but to be extra careful about their outward appearance in creating a perception about their public appearance.

Hair and the celebrity image

Hair and the celebrity

Hair is probably the most striking aspect of a celebrity, irrespective of his or her gender. Be it a male or a female celebrity, we always associate him or her with certain external markers of identity, including hair, bodily fitness, clothes, etc. Some celebrities are famous for how they wear their hairstyles. For instance, Jennifer Aniston’s highlighted tresses in Friends, or Elvis Presley’s perfect bouffant or Julia Roberts’s luscious auburn curls are pretty much famous all over the world. Now imagine them without hair or a thinning or receding hairline. They would not be the same. Needless to say, celebrities are extremely concerned about their hair and hairstyles for the fear of losing their public image.

It is no secret that celebrities sometimes undertake cosmetic surgeries or Botox treatments to enhance their looks. We now know that many of them opt for hair transplants, spending thousands of dollars to get the appearance of a head with fuller hair. Others opt for hair extensions or even wigs to make their hair look longer and beautiful. Since they are in the public eye, they cannot afford to go bald. Hence in today's knowledge driven world early detection and treatment are important.

Celebrities and hair transplant

Celebrities and hair transplant

A lot of celebrities, especially cricketers and film stars, have opted for hair transplants. Among cricketers, we have Shane Warne, Darren Gough, Graham Gooch, and Sourav Ganguly have opted for some form of hair transplant or hair restoration procedures. Many of them have spoken favourably to the media about the safety and efficacy of such treatments and procedures. Several clinics and doctors claim to have solved hair issues of celebrities. However, one should be careful about such doctors. In fact, one should do research thoroughly, both online and offline, about such treatments and procedures before opting for hair loss solutions and systems.

If you are looking for an affordable hair clinic, then try out Advanced Hair Clinic, Dubai. It provides the best hair transplant in the city at attractive prices. The clinic, which is considered to be one of the best ones in Dubai, is known for a range of patented and sophisticated surgical and non-surgical hair treatments and procedures such as Advanced Laser Therapy, Strand-by Strand Ultimate, Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic and many more.

Advanced Hair Studio has been in the business for 45+ years and has gained an international reputation as one of the world’s largest hair restoration companies, treating people for all stages and types of hair loss. With several years of experience, their long list of satisfied customers includes celebrities, movie stars and sports stars, including Will Davison, Stan the Man Longinidis, Kennu Solomons, Kate Elizabeth Hallam, Lydia Schiavello and many more.

Types of hair transplant you can opt for

There are various types of hair treatments you can opt for depending on the nature of hair fall, the progression of the condition, the budget, etc. But the first step towards having a head full of lasting hair is Advanced Hair Check. This procedure is crucial when it comes to determining potential hair loss or even detecting the early stages of hair loss or hair fall. Early diagnosis can help you determine the root cause of hair loss and help you select the right procedure for hair fall. Advanced Hair Check is the first step opted for by many celebrities to fix their hair loss.



Another treatment available is Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic — It’s a non-surgical procedure that helps you have hair restored without surgery. An effective surgical method is Strand-by-Strand Ultimate. It is a day-long hair transplant procedure that aims to restore your hair in a completely invisible manner. Their team of experts and doctors achieves this feat by completing follicular unit hair transplant, with the objective of giving a natural orientation to your transplanted hair, which makes it look almost indistinguishable from the natural hairs of the surrounding areas.

There are several reasons why one can lose hair. This is true for both celebrities and common people. From hormonal factors to lifestyle choices to lack of care — the factors responsible for hair loss can be wide-ranging. It is therefore important to determine the progress of the disease first and then opt for the best treatment suitable for your hair loss. There is no one size that fits all. Each one is different. Advanced stages of the hair loss problem calls for more hair to be replaced or restored, while early stages of the disease can be cured by medicines. If you are looking for an affordable hair clinic in Dubai, look no further than Advanced Hair Studio. It provides the best hair transplant in Dubai at attractive prices.

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