How to Undo the Damage of Bad a Hair Transplant?


How to Undo the Damage of Bad a Hair Transplant?

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Hair fall is a common problem for the present generation. High-level stress, imbalanced lifestyle, genetic reasons, etc, can trigger hair fall. But how will you know the severity of your hair fall? The pace of action depends on the severity of the condition so how will you decide that you need a consultation from an expert for your hair fall? On average, a human loses 100 to 150 strands of hair in a day, which is completely normal as our body works that way. But if you notice more than this number consecutively on your hairbrush or in the shower, then you should understand that you might be shedding more than you should. Few people after opting for the treatment cannot see the results or in some cases, their hair fall gets worse after the treatment, so is it right to say that hair fall treatments are not an effective way to cure hair fall? We will discuss it thoroughly to understand what hair fall is and what the most effective ways to counter it are.

Are you suffering from hair loss? Tried to get treatment but it didn’t work?

In most cases hair fall cannot be treated completely without surgery, however, there are other effective ways to slow down hair fall. In men the most common reason for hair fall is Alopecia including Areata and other forms, as it is an autoimmune disorder in which our own body starts losing hair. In worst cases, complete body hair vanishes. So if you have taken the treatment already but your hair fall condition didn’t improve or it became even worse, then you might not be provided with the right treatment or medications. As per experts, the transplanted hair can be removed by laser hair removal which will need 4-6 sessions in a month or remove the transplanted hair and place them on the back of the head. However, it can prove costly as well as damage already irritated hair follicles.

Which is the best clinic for hair transplant in Dubai? Is it more costly in the UAE compared to other countries?

Nowadays most of the people visit the UAE to get good hair restoration treatments. We have heard about different celebrities and sports personalities visiting Dubai for hair transplants. In recent years, Dubai has become a technologically advanced hub for the world. In Advanced Hair Studio, hair loss clinic in Dubai, they use state-of-the-art instruments to look into the hair fall and scalp condition. The highly trained hair experts analyze all aspects of your hair fall condition thereafter; prescribe the most effective procedure, combination of multiple procedures or medications as per your age, skin type, personality, and profession, to deliver the desired hair regrowth results. The hair transplant cost in UAE can be between Dh15000 to Dh40000 depending upon hair loss severity. UAE health experts warn people to do proper research before choosing any clinic abroad for hair loss treatment as there are a lot many countries that offer hair loss treatments at much cheaper rates. But in 90% of clinics hair transplant is performed by a technician and not by the hair experts.

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