Does Ethnicity Play a Role in Hair Loss?


Does Ethnicity Play a Role in Hair Loss?

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Male pattern hair loss is something which a majority of men experience at some or the other point in life. Even though the rigorousness and severity of hair loss may vary person to person, it is still a big question that why it happens?

Ethnicity, which is controlled by genetics, is the main cause of hair loss, and interestingly enough, particular races have higher rates of hair loss than other groups.

Let’s take a look at different races and the varying likelihoods of baldness:

Let’s take a look at different races and the varying likelihoods of baldness

Approximately there are thirty percent of white men who get affected by age 30 years, at least fifty percent men are affected by age 50 years, and eighty percent of them are affected by age 70 years. Generally, Caucasian men are more likely to experience hair loss in larger numbers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience thinning hair if you are of Asian or African descent.

Whereas as per research, it is believed that androgenetic alopecia also varies with race: white men are more likely to develop baldness as compared to men of American Indian, Asian and African heritage. Also, the degree of hair loss often is more extensive in white men than in men of the American Indian, Asian and African ethnicities.



Human skull shape plays a significant role in hair loss. Since some ethnic groups have a predisposed skull shape and characteristics that are more common among people of a race, this is the reason why it varies from person to person as well as each race and ethnicity. This plays a role in hair loss, as some skull shapes results in more bone growth in adult years which then starts the hair loss process at an earlier age than others.

As a case study, people who have a unique skull shape, with strong hairlines at the front and broad foreheads that oppose bone growth, are less likely to suffer from hair loss along the crown of the scalp.

Additionally, people who live in remote populations, restricts diversities in genetics among their offspring. Due to this reason, they share similar characteristics that are passed down from one generation to another, including their resistance to hair loss.

Countries where hair loss is most prevalent

As per a recent study, the top five countries in terms of thinning hair were all of the European countries. France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom were also on the list. The United States was sixth on the list, while Canada was tenth. Russia, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands also finished high on the list.

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