7 Astonishing Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair


7 Astonishing Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

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When it comes to healthy skin and hair, few oils can beat almond oil with its staggering number of benefits. A few drops of almond oil, when ingested internally, can provide you with your daily doses of vitamins K and E.

Since it is low in saturated fats, people who incorporate almonds daily into their diets have reported a noticeable drop in body weight, making this magic nut ideal for weight loss.

With the Keto health fad taking over fitness regimes of health aficionados, flour made from ground almond nuts are being used in many low-carb recipes.

Finally, due to its high monounsaturated fat content, almonds have been linked to lower the risk of certain cancers, like endometrial cancer and heart disease.

However, one area that is often overlooked is sweet almond oil's link to hair health. While other oils, such as macadamia nut oil, are widely talked about when it comes to hair care, people know less about almond oil.

In this blog, we shall look at seven astonishing benefits of almond oil for hair and answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to its use.

What is Almond Oil?

What is Almond Oil?

Almond is a seed found inside the almond fruit, which closely resembles a peach. The almond nuts are high in fats, making them ideal for oil. Oil can be extracted from almonds nuts in two ways: one involves the application of high heat and chemicals.

The result is refined almond oil, which is low in nutritional content but also cheap and commercially popular. The other variety is cold pressed almond oil, which is more expensive but also much more beneficial than the commercial varieties sold in the market.

7 Astonishing Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

7 Astonishing Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

1. Provides Hydration

While most types of oil are great for hydration, almond oil is particularly known for its hydrating and nourishing properties. People who live in a drier climate often complain of dry hair and split ends.

An arid or a semi-arid climate can rob hair strands of their essential moisture and leave them dry and straw-like. Regular massages of sweet almond oil can restore the natural moisture of hair strands, leaving them hydrated and nourished.

2. Helps to Remove Dead Cells

One of the most common complaints of people who have dry hair is the build-up of dead cells and skin flakes, which leads to itching. Commonly known as Seborrheic Dermatitis, this medical condition can be particularly embarrassing.

Not just that, if left untreated, this can also lead to hair loss. Almond oil softens the dead cells on the scalp and this helps to wash them off. Regular use of almond oil can prevent the build-up of flaky skin and reduce itching to a great extent.

3. Promotes Hair Growth

As discussed earlier, almond oil is rich in vitamins K and E, both of which have been linked to hair growth and beautiful skin. You can massage almond oil to your hair at night and wash it off in the morning. Regular massage will not only allow the nutrients to seep in through the scalp, but it will also help to increase the blood circulation to hair strands.

4. Repair Damaged Hair

Almond oil not only promotes hair growth, but its lubricating properties also make it ideal for repairing damaged hair strands. The oleic and linoleic acids found in almond oil gently lubricate the hair strands, repairing the damaged strands. With regular use, almond oil can greatly improve hair texture, making hair strands soft and lustrous.

5. Prevents Split Ends and Tangles

Tangles and split ends are very common with dry hair. Combing through such hair strands can be a nightmare. Almond oil provides an easy solution by gently nourishing and moisturizing the tresses. This prevents the formation of split ends and tangles.

6. Acts as a Conditioning Agent

Almond oil for hair can also act as a conditioning agent. Instead of a conditioning mask, mix one tablespoon of sweet almond oil along with coconut oil and one whole avocado mashed-up. Massage it on the scalp and all over hair strands, from root to tip, and wait for at least 30 minutes before washing it off.

7. Improves Hair Shine

Almond oil is full of antioxidants, which are great for both skin and hair. When applied on hair after a shower, almond oil is supposed to greatly improve shine and luster.


Cold pressed sweet almond oil, as discussed above, has a host of benefits for hair. It promotes the growth of natural hair, prevents hair fall and damage, and acts against dandruff and inflammation. While prevention is better than cure, for more advanced hair problems one should seek professional help. One of UAE’s best-known hair regrowth clinics is Advanced Hair Studio.

Trusted by millions of people worldwide, we offer a range of hair treatments that are specially customized keeping in mind an individual’s own unique hair problems. From non-surgical options to complete hair treatments like our Home Program, we provide successful solutions so that you get a head full of healthy hair.

FAQs on Almond Oil for Hair

How long should I leave almond oil in my hair?

Applying almond oil is a simple and easy process. Take a few drops of almond oil and start massaging on your scalp. Do not forget to apply on the roots of the hair strands as well. Leave it for 30 minutes before washing it off.

Can I leave almond oil in my hair overnight?

Almond oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E and K. It is great for both hair growth and the natural glow of the skin. For best results, almond oil should be left in the hair overnight. You can rinse it off with a mild shampoo the next morning.

Is almond oil better than coconut oil for hair?

Almond oil and coconut oil are both good for hair, although they have different properties and are rich in different nutrients. You should choose your hair oil as per your hair type and the problem you are facing. For dry hair, dandruff and inflammation opt for almond oil.

Does almond oil reduce hair fall?

Almond oil is a natural source of vitamin D, which reduces hair fall and even promotes hair growth.

Is almond oil good for GREY hair?

Almond oil, when mixed with lemon juice, is great for preventing premature greying of hair. Regular use of sweet almond oil, especially the cold pressed variety, may prevent hair strands from turning grey.

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