16 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Hair Transplant

At Advanced Hair Studio, we perform hair restoration surgery for clients who are struggling with hair loss for various reasons such as hormonal problems and male pattern baldness.

The worth of hair restoration treatments at Advanced Hair Studio

The Many Exciting Benefits of Hair Restoration About half the population experiences hair loss around age 50. This incredible statistic has us wondering

Hair Replacement Surgery: All You Need To Know

On an average, 50 - 100 hair strands per day is the normal rate of hair fall, which, considering that the average scalp contains 100,000 follicular hair, may not sound a lot. 

Is Trichotillomania a reason of your hair loss?

You might be having the urge to constantly pull your hair. You may even be ashamed of it but you cannot control it. The reason you are doing so is because you may have Trichotillomania.

Telogen Effluvium – a common form of hair loss

Hair on a person’s scalp always undergoes three phases: 1. Anagen phase 2. Catagen phase 3. Telogen phase Anagen is termed as the growing phase for hair.

Your Guide to Reducing Hair Fall and ideal Hair Regime

Greasy, untidy, falling hair are things that people lose sleep over. In today’s time, it is necessary to care for your hair & nurture them if you want them to look great..

Invest in your hair

How many of us take our shiny, healthy hair locks for granted? Treating hair with bleaching and chemical relaxants, heat styling... blonde today, brunette tomorrow, only to go back to platinum once it’s trending again.

Is Hair regrowth or Hair restoration one of your new year resolutions?

The new year is near and some of us have already made our list of what we would like to accomplish, the list of our resolutions. The one thing that might be on almost everyone’s list is most likely to stay in shape and to look good.

The Link Between Hair and Confidence

As everyone knows, there is a strong link between hair loss and confidence. Before we explore the link between the two, we have to ask ourselves a simple question...