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Advanced Hair Studio is the World’s Largest Hair Replacement and Hair Retention Company. 50+ years to the world, we have successfully treated 1 million+ clients worldwide and help them overcome various types of hair loss.


All Around Fitness!

Don’t just pump the iron in the gym, pump your confidence with a full head of hair. Feel complete by having better hair than you were born with. Call us today at +971 55 352 6174!

Face it: the beard trend!

Let our ambassador, Jatin Sapru - The Sports presenter also known as #ThatCricketGuy show you how to #breakthebeard in style!

Where luxury meets comfort

Every time you step foot in the studio, our goal is to give you a first class experience all the way. From our world class architecture to hospitalities and complimentary refreshments, we hope to make you as comfortable as we possibly can.

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SPECIAL PRICE ON MAGIC! Eliminate Hair Loss in 30 seconds!

Advanced Hair Thickening Fibres, a product of Advanced Hair Studio, instantly rebuild hair with natural keratin fibres creating the appearance of thicker hair in an instant! Just sprinkle it into the required areas of hair, pat down gently towards the scalp and style with brush or hand! As easy as that!

Now available for 350 AED/3 pcs or 130 AED/pc. To purchase call 043451233 or visit


Not a day without smile!

Our brand ambassador, Jatin Sapru, rocking the casual messy look. Any hairstyle looks great with a head full of hair!

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Healthy lifestyle, healthy hair.

The only person you should try to impress is yourself! Feeling good about how you look shows in your confidence. Head to toe fitness is what Justen is after, and there is no stopping him! How far will you go to make sure that you not only look good but also feel good?

Hair loss facts!

Learn about the possible causes of hair loss and who are prone to suffer from it!

Out with the old, in with the new!

Look 10 years younger with Advanced Hair Studio! A head full of hair makes you look a lot younger - it is truly the only time machine that works ;)