Supernatural- A Unique Next-Generation Procedure For Hair Restoration From AHS

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Hair thinning or balding is a hair condition which has a vast psychological impact on the affected people as it alters their appearance & personality greatly. They become frantic & paranoid searching for a solution and at times trying out anything and everything.

The first priority should be getting to know the cause & extent of damage, which will pave the way for hair fall treatment. A competent hair studio can run a scientific hair & scalp check and then suggest appropriate hair treatment.

Denizens of UAE looking for best hair fall treatment can visit Advanced Hair Studio and take advantage of our unique & advanced procedures. Our track record of more than four decades is a testimony of our exemplary services.

Step into AHS and take an Advanced Hair Check to get your scalp & hair analyzed by a qualified consultant. If suffering from early stages of hair loss, then it can be reversed by following the prescribed hair treatment. In case you are suffering from advanced hair loss, balding & the follicles have miniaturized, then you can regain your tresses only through hair restoration and replacement treatment.


A pioneer in hair restoration & retention, AHS has introduced many path breaking procedures & treatments, time and again. In recent times AHS has introduced a break through hair restoration technique - Supernatural in Dubai, UAE. Supernatural has numerous advantages over other hair restoration procedures offered by different salons/studios.

ADVANTAGE 1. It is a unique, next-generation hair restoration technique.

ADVANTAGE 2. It has been tried, tested, and been immensely successful & popular in developed countries.

ADVANTAGE 3. It guarantees a head full of hair without any hesitation.

ADVANTAGE 4. It is performed by world class practitioners having vast experience in the field.

ADVANTAGE 5. Its leading-edge technique ensures retention of hair and eventually gives immense satisfaction to the client.

ADVANTAGE 6. Its objective is long term- not only to restore hair but also arrest future hair loss.

ADVANTAGE 7. New & innovative instruments result in higher accuracy rate.

ADVANTAGE 8. A well-trained team of AHS is available all the time to guide you & answer all your queries & dispel your doubts.


  • Avail our vast experience, impeccable services in this field.
  • We hire the best to ensure qualitative results.
  • We have a reputation which is unmatched to any other studio.
  • We are ethical and believe in complete transparency.
  • We deliver what we have promised- we don’t misguide or mislead!
  • We have competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • We believe in reinventing and upgrading ourselves by adopting latest inventions.
  • We have numerous satisfied clients- ranging from celebrities to professionals to commoners!
  • The before & after photos of our clients from all over the world have overwhelmed us.
  • The wonderful reviews of gratitude work as a strong motivation for us.


The advantage of AHS Supernatural has been availed by many and their hair is their pride now!

Our delight lies in witnessing our clients satisfaction by regaining their hair, happiness, optimism & peace of mind!

Article by Hair Experts @ AHS

Originally hailing from the length and breath of the country our team of hair experts bring together their strength that lies in consulting for hair and skin/scalp concerns that are faced by a lot of people. This core team involves field experts having passion in the field of aesthetics and creating as well as finding the right answers and clearing doubts about all things "Hair". Combining the interest in the field of aesthetics and general well-being, the team moves forward applying the knowhow gained in the field of trichology as well as hair transplantation contributing successfully in being part of our Team UAE operations and contributing to the needs of our patrons.

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