Heard about Laser Helmet for Hair Retention & Regrowth? Here's What It Is Capable Of!

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Heard about Laser Helmet for Hair Retention & Regrowth? Here's What It Is Capable Of!

Innovation and technology in hair loss treatment that is one of its kind!

Advanced Laser Therapy is the latest technology in the market for hair retention and hair regrowth. It is primarily for people experiencing hair thinning and those in the initial stages of hair loss. It is a preferred Hair Loss Solution.

Objectives of Laser Therapy

  • To arrest hair loss.
  • Thickening and strengthening the thinning hair.
  • Stimulating hair regrowth in those areas where the hair follicles are still alive but are deep-rooted.
  • Improving the condition of the scalp and hair health.

Features of Advanced Laser Therapy

  • It features a combination of the latest laser beam technology and a proven scalp and follicle treatment program.
  • It has hair retention and hair regrowth program.
  • It is a completely safe solution, with no side-effects and no pain.
Advanced Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy: How does it work?

The Advanced Laser Helmet is a scientifically designed laser technology developed to treat hair loss. It has high efficiency lasers that deliver maximum light and power. The penetrating depth of these lasers has been optimized for effective treatment. It has enough lasers to cover entire scalp.

Lasers Used In These Helmets

The lasers used in Advanced Laser Helmets are of red color i.e. part of the visible spectrum of light. They are of low intensity and would not cause damage to eyes. Even then, a three step safety system is installed that prevents laser light from accidentally shining into eyes. But we still recommend not to stare the laser light

Lasers Used In These Helmets

Results of Advanced Laser Helmets

Advanced Laser Helmets should be used twice a week for 20 minutes. Each session paves a way to a full head of healthy hair. Regular use of it can reverse hair loss with time. Using it as per recommended instructions, you will find a decrease in shedding of hair and increase in hair growth.

Time Needed For Effective Results:

  • The Advanced Laser Helmet starts with minimizing hair fall which will take 4-18 weeks into the treatment.
  • Next, it will help to get thicker, fuller and more lustrous hair that will occur within 18-26 weeks of continuous use.
  • Then it will finally focus on renewing hair growth which begins from 26th week and would be seen after 52 weeks of starting treatment.

Potential Side Effects of Advanced Laser Helmets

No side effects would be seen while using Advanced Laser Helmets. Our product has zero side effects and it has been verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Size of Advanced Laser Helmet

The size of Advanced Laser Helmet is designed in such a way that it would fit 98% of the population. The remaining 2% people are generally those who have small heads. They can use foam pads inside the helmet to ensure a correct fit. Thus, regardless of your head you can be sure that Advanced Laser Helmet would fit you comfortably when you opt for this treatment.

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